10 Best Places to Teach English in Asia

You have just earned your TEFL or Masters in English and are looking forward to starting your teaching career. Your go-to should be Asian countries. Apart from the vibrant, diverse culture and hardworking people, you can gain invaluable experience as an ESL teacher. Countries like China, Vietnam, Japan and South Korea welcome newly certified professionals to teach their students.

ESL jobs are available in a variety of different capacities. The TEFL is your passport to an enriching, global teaching experience. Here’s a list of the top 10 countries for TEFL certified ESL teachers.

1. Teach English in Asia: China

Teaching English Abroad Teach English in Asia Teach English in China

Home to one of the most ancient civilisations in the world, China is an excellent choice to pursue a career in teaching ESL. The Middle Kingdom is the most flexible in terms of employment. The teaching options range from TOEFL, IELTS or SAT. And if you are not on your gap year, and hold a Masters degree, Universities in China will be interested in hiring you. Jobs are aplenty and with the right pick of place within China, you can even learn Mandarin!

2. Teach English in Asia: South Korea

Teaching English Abroad Teach English in Asia Teach English in South Korea

South Korea boasts of a rich and vibrant culture. It has temples, streets for shopping, a thriving nightlife, and unrivalled food options. You will be spoiled for choice teaching ESL in South Korea. The most popular teaching choice is through EPIK or GEPIK at public schools. There’s a cozier option for ESL teaching at a Hagwon or a Private academy.

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3. Teach English in Asia: Japan

Teaching English Abroad Teach English in Asia Teach English in Japan

Japan, The Land of the Rising Sun, known for its cherry blossoms is also a popular choice for ESL Teaching abroad. Japan has one of the most rigorous and efficient ESL programs, called JET. The entry for ESL teachers is very competitive but the benefits far outweigh the uncertainty of entry. In addition, you have the option of being Assistant Language teachers or engaging in corporate training through conversation cafés in multinational companies. There’s also a big demand for ESL teachers in eikaiwa or private schools.

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4. Teach English in Asia: Malaysia

Teaching English Abroad Teach English in Asia Teach English in Malaysia

A beautiful place in South Asia, Malaysia is a very practical choice for ESL teachers. Teaching can be in schools, or for business professionals and some options for private tutoring. Typically, ESL teachers are required to have a Bachelor’s degree and TEFL certified. Malaysia is well-developed to provide the comforts of a western life while living alongside temples, mountains, and enjoying delicacies like dosa, idli and sambar.

5. Teach English in Asia: India

Teaching English Abroad Teach English in Asia Teach English in India

One of the most popular choices for ESL teaching, India, can offer you a chance to live both a spiritual and cosmopolitan life. You can go to Goa for a relaxed beach life or move to Delhi to absorb the politics and art, or go far south to Kerala for a calm, rejuvenating escape with delicious seafood and coconuts. India welcomes TEFL holders to teach ESL in primary schools in their villages and less developed cities and offer you a multicultural experience like no other.

6. Teach English in Asia: Vietnam

Teaching English Abroad Teach English in Asia Teach English in Vietnam

Pack your bags and head to Vietnam, now! Rivaling India’s climate and food, this country offers you city life like, Ho Chi Minh city and exotic, beautiful places like the Sapa valley or the laidback old world of HaNoi. Pick up Vietnamese as you teach ESL in their primary schools and head to the nearest beach for a quick holiday!

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7. Teach English in Asia: ThailandTeaching English Abroad Teach English in Asia Teach English in Thailand

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Thailand. Thailand is known for its beaches, coastal life and is a friendly country. Most schools provide you a place of stay, offer a generous salary and you can choose between a quiet city life at Chang Mai or set up shop at Krabi, the popular beach destination.

8. Teach English in Asia: Cambodia

Teaching English Abroad Teach English in Asia Teach English in Cambodia

Cambodia is an unconventional choice and is for that maveric ESL teacher. Cambodia is very relaxed in terms of requirements from ESL teachers. They don’t look for certifications, or even a dedicated degree. It requires grit and determination because there are no systems in place for a foreign national, but the rewards are high. You get to work directly with the locals and with volunteer organisations and can make enough to cover rent and expenses. Cambodia is not for everyone, but for the right person can be rewarding.

9. Teach English in Asia: Myanmar

Teaching English Abroad Teach English in Asia Teach English in Myanmar

Myanmar, also known as Burma, has recently opened its doors to ESL teachers. The schools in Myanmar require a Bachelor’s degree, some work experience and TEFL certification. The pay is among the highest. Teaching ESL in private schools will often come with accommodation. Myanmar is one of the most ethnically diverse countries with a laid-back approach to life.

10. Teach English in Asia: Indonesia

Teaching English Abroad Teach English in Asia Teach English in Indonesia

Another popular South Asian travel destination, Indonesia has volcanoes, beaches, mountains, and the beautiful forests of Bali. Apart from being a holiday destination, this place is a thriving centre for ESL teaching. You can opt to live in a city like Jakarta and teach ESL in public or private schools or can opt to help adults acquire a new language. Either way, the country has more than one city to offer in, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.

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