10 Reasons Why People Should Go Teach In China

After teaching in China for several months, Harold had a lot to say. Here are his 10 reasons why people should go teach in China.


You thought you knew everything. I thought I did. It’s only when you live as a foreigner, and not as a traveller, is when you really see how different the world is.


You are paid an above average wage (that’s compared to what you earn in Australia). With low living costs in China, you’ll be paying off your university degree in no time.

Travel / Adventure

There is a lot of structure in your job but that doesn’t mean everyday there is something new to see or do. Spontaneity will be the theme of your life for the next year.


Everybody you meet is insanely interesting. Deciding to teach English in China is a massive decision for anyone so imagine getting to know others who decided to take the same leap.


You learn more about yourself in one week in China than one year at university. Yes, there will be late night shenanigans.

Making a difference

10 reasons to teach in china, why teach in china

You are instilling a valuable life skill that will benefit the child’s life indefinitely. You even sometimes get to choose the child’s English name that they would use for the rest of their life!


Think about everything you know about Australia so far. Now imagine the complete opposite. That’s China. Your mind can never retract back to its original dimensions.


You’ll finally be eating food that actually tastes good. No more 2-minute noodles!


Being an accountant sounds fancy to your friends and family. But when you’re 80, is tax returns and balance sheets the thing you want to be remembered by?


The experiences, stories, impact, development you have when you move back to Australia (if you do decide to move back) will change you. Quite simply you just become a more interesting person.

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