Life is Not a Checklist: A Side Note on Teaching in China

You’re sitting there in your gown waiting for the guy on stage to call your name. Once you’re called, you standup, shake hands in front of 100s of people, and finally get your piece of paper. It’s been a while but it’s official – you’re now an adult. It feels good. But one thing of being an adult is that you have to find a proper job and one that’s related…
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How To Save Money While Teaching in China?

Can You Save Money Teaching in China?  You have decided to go to China and teach kids. It’s all fun and games until the bills arrive. You need to eat, go out, have fun, buy a fan (it gets hot). How much money are you left with? Is it possible to pay off bills at…

10 Reasons Why People Should Go Teach In China

After teaching in China for several months, Harold had a lot to say. Here are his 10 reasons why people should go teach in China. Perspective You thought you knew everything. I thought I did. It’s only when you live as a foreigner, and not as a traveller, is when you…