Getting ready for living in China?

Not until you’ve downloaded these essential apps on your phone!

The internet over in China is a little tricky to maneuver due to the numerous firewalls that the country has put in place.  Bring your app usage habit from the United States to China can sometimes lead to frustrations.

However, there are a few apps that can help you survive without needing to go through internet withdrawal when you are over there.  

So, there we go: the 5 must have apps to get you through living in China:


WeChat app

WeChat is an amazing communication app that is quite popular over in China. in 2018, WeChat has a shockingly huge number of 1.08 billion monthly active users in total (worldwide).

In fact, most businesses over there use it to communicate with their employees!  

When you use this app, you can do basically everything. You can text, video chat, call people that you know. You can share pictures and your thoughts with your friends on your moments page and even pay for items using WeChat Wallet.

The best part is that your family and friends can also download WeChat back home, you can use it to stay in touch with everyone.

Every time you use WeChat to text, video chat, or call someone back home, you will not be charged a fee like you would if you used a traditional phone.  


Didi ap

In China, hailing a taxi is as easy as using the Didi app. You can still raise your hand up to hail one in China, but it is much easier and faster to utilize this app.

The first thing you need to do is download the app to your phone and create an account.  You will be required to enter a payment method before finalizing your account and you can use WeChat Wallet, Alipay, QQ Wallet, a bank card, or an international credit card.  

Once your account is set up, you can request a taxi to the destination that you want to be picked up.  

You can even request a specific type of car from their express, taxi, premier, and luxe options.  Simply wait for your taxi to arrive and then pay when you reach your destination.


Taobao app

Taobao is China’s largest online marketplace, which makes it the perfect online resource for all your purchasing needs. While you can use their website, the app will make shopping a breeze wherever you are!  

Once you install the app, you will need to register before you begin shopping. If you know exactly what item you are looking for, you can enter that into the search bar.  

However, if you are not quite sure what you need or want, a simple keyword search should provide you with enough products to determine exactly what item to purchase.

Feel free to check out any item’s review at the bottom of the page or contact the seller with any questions that you may have.  

This app is basically like Amazon, where they sell everything and anything and can help you throughout the entire process.  

Ele.metelema app

The locals in China love to use their smartphones to do just about anything and that includes ordering food for delivery.  

This app will allow you to order from any nearby restaurant and have your food delivered in no time at all!  

To begin, you need to simply download the app and set up an account. After that, you can choose the restaurant that you want, select your meal, and pay for your food.  

As you are waiting for your delivery, you can keep an eye of the location of your food and delivery person via the app. That means that you will know right when they will be arriving at your front door.  

VPN apps 

VPN app

Due to China’s internet browsing restrictions, it is going to be necessary for you to have VPN apps on your phone. We recommend having at least a couple of them, as some get blocked or stop working every once in a while.  

These VPNs will allow you to access the sites that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to when you are over in China. Facebook is one of the sites that VPNs are used for the most, as that site has been completely blocked in this country.

The VPNs will also ensure that the information you are requesting or using on your phone does not fall into the wrong hands.  

Living in China With Great Convenience

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As you can see, life in China today is very convenient enabled by advanced technologies and hardworking Chinese people.

Get started trying out these five apps mentioned above! It will make your life so much easier while you are living in China. In fact, you’ll get so used to the level of convenience you experience here, and have difficulty adjusting yourself once you come back home!    

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