Exploring Chongqing: 5 Interesting Things to Do

Exploring Chongqing 5 Interesting Things to Do

Chongqing: one of the fastest growing in China Chongqing happens to be one of the largest cities in China, it’s also cited as one of the fastest growing cities since 1997. So you know that it is going to be jam-packed with fun things to do!   However, for most westerners, unless you have thoroughly […]

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7 Must-Know Online Chinese Translation Tools

7 Online Chinese to English Translating Tools

Looking for online Chinese translation tools while traveling or living in China? Thanks to technologies, we can travel and work in another country with more confidence. All you need to do is to download them to your phone!  Here are the 7 online English (or any other language) to Chinese translation tools you’ll find useful […]

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7 Unusual Things to Do in China [Advanced Travel Guide]

Unusual Things to Do in China (For Nature and Culture Lovers!)

Everywhere you look on travel in China, you’re bound to find guides that tell you to visit the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and other iconic landmarks. They’re not wrong of course, but after you see those bucket list items, it’s time to see China’s more unusual side. To miss it would be to miss […]

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8 Most Popular Chinese Festivals [That Every Chinese Celebrates]

chinese festivals

Traditional Chinese festivals are an essential part of Chinese culture, it’s a way for people to gather together to celebrate their harvests, or show respect for older generations (a big part of Chinese culture). Here are 8 most popular Chinese festivals that every Chinese celebrates (dates all in lunar calendar): 1. Chinese New Year (1st […]

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7 Must-Try Flavors: Discover The Most Authentic Chinese Food

discover Chinese food

Featured photo: asiasociety Food in China is quite different from what you used to … Most foreigners are taken by a complete surprise by the Chinese food they have in China. They frequented Chinese restaurants in their home cities on the regular, but when they arrive in China, there’s no beef with broccoli or mushu […]

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5 Best Cities to Visit in China

best cities to visit in China

This article includes 5 best cities you should visit in China that give you a mixture of different tastes. Some of them you might be familiar with, but others are a bit off the beaten path and worthy of exploring to get the full experience of China’s rich tapestry of history and culture. This next […]

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Is Living in China Safe? (Some Useful Tips)

safety in China

Is China safe to live? Let’s find out! If you’ve been considering moving abroad to work in China, perhaps to teach or in some other facet of the business, you’ve likely wondered how safe it is. It’s normal for many people to find great happiness in uprooting their lives from their home countries and moving […]

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14 Interesting Chinese Cultural Facts

Interesting Chinese culture facts

Chinese culture is a rich tapestry melded with history from over 5,000 years. It’s no wonder the culture intrigues so many. Before you visit China, knowing a bit about the culture will help you to delve into it further and find more to love about it! 1. There are 56 minorities in China Outsiders are […]

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Exploring Guangzhou: 4 Interesting Things To Do

Exploring Guangzhou

There are many cities around the world known for being busy trade destinations and Guangzhou happens to be one of them. Despite the busyness within the trade area of this city, the rest of the streets have quite a different atmosphere, which is laidback and calm.  Visitors can spend their time in this city exploring […]

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Exploring Wuhan: 4 Interesting Things To Do

exploring Wuhan, wuhan travel tips

The city of Wuhan has grown tremendously over the years and as it has done so, it has matured into the fascinating destination that it is today.  Yes, there is traffic to go with the hustle and bustle of some of the streets, but there is also tranquil parks, lakes, and temples that offer serenity […]

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