China vs. Thailand: Country Comparison in ESL Teaching

Teaching in China vs. Teaching in Thailand

Many people these days are exploring their options for seeing the world before they commit to a job back home. One of the best ways to do that and finance your travels is to teach English abroad. But then that begs the question…which country to choose?

It’s often hard to choose between these exotic lands, namely China vs. Thailand. In an effort to help you decide, let’s break it down. 

Teaching in Thailand


Thailand is, without a doubt, a beautiful country. Known as “The Land of Smiles,” one could certainly get used to the life it provides. The cost of living is exceptionally low and the food is utterly phenomenal. It just seems more exotic and brilliant than most other offerings around.

However, when it comes to teaching, Thailand has a “no fail” policy which means you have to give your students extra work to get them up to speed. They usually don’t have a classroom assistant either so you’ll have to be ready to handle all the kids at once. Fortunately, class sizes are restricted.

Most expats feel safe in Thailand though the earnings aren’t as much as in other places. Still, some choose to teach English in Thailand for the unique chance to explore this country and enjoy tasty Thai food daily.  

Teaching in China

In China, there are greater opportunities for earning a higher salary no matter which type of school you choose (public, university, or language school). Because of Chinese holidays too, you get more of a chance to explore on your time off. While visa requirements can be tedious, you get the help you need to get the right documents every step of the way.

The cost of living in China is relatively cheap, of course it also depends on which city you choose to live. Most schools make the arrangements for your living situation. They may even offer free Chinese lessons or assign someone to help you get settled in. 

While Thailand definitely has plenty of temples and sites to explore, China has some of the most revered sites in the world. The Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, and the Terracotta Army are just a handful of unique places to see. It goes above and beyond temples and has a lengthy history to explore on your days off. 

Both countries have friendly cultures and are rated roughly the same in terms of safety. Like any place, watching your belongings is always advised. But when it comes to making a choice for the best place to teach, China wins due to the potential to earn more money and have more control in travel. Come teach in China and get the chance to discover more of Asia! >> 10 Best Places to Teach English in Asia

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