Chinese Food Guide: Flavors You Must Try

chinese food

If all this reading is making you hungry, then get ready to feast your eyes on the best foods of China. Each region has its own specialty, making for many great flavors to explore. It’s important to note that Chinese food isn’t like it is in the West but don’t let that hold you back. The authentic flavors are truly amazing!

Here’s what to eat:



By and large, dumplings are one of the most popular items in China. Known as jiaozi, these pockets of steamed meats and veggies are divine. The Chinese don’t dip them in soy sauce though. Often, they use a dark vinegar. You’ll find them in all kinds of varieties and will be sure to have a favorite.


Dandan Noodles, Chengdu, Sichuan (photo credit: delish)

Another way to fill up in China is by eating one of the many noodle dishes. Dan dan noodles are one of the most popular, a spicy Sichuan dish!

Hot Pot

hot pot
photo credit: cntraveler

This meal doubles as a pastime. It features a large pot of boiling water on your table and plates of raw meat and vegetables. You cook them in the pot and then dip them in a savory peanut sauce.

Steamed stuffed buns

steamed buns

Grab these on the go and you’ll have a cheap, satisfying lunch. These buns are stuffed with pork and vegetables, then steamed up. They’re warm and filling!

Ma Po Tofu

mapo tofu
photo credit: pbs

Because it’s 100 years old, you’ve got to try it. Because it’s delicious, you’ll love it. This spicy tofu dish swims in a savory sauce of ground beef and is topped off with green onions. Don’t miss it!

Wonton Soup


wonton soup
photo credit: kirbiecravings

For a familiar taste from back home, try the wonton soup (called hun tun tang here). The only difference is it’s better in China!

Roasted Duck

peking duck
photo credit: taste

And finally, don’t miss out on the famed Peking duck from Beijing. You can find roasted duck anywhere in China, but Beijing is world-famous for it for a reason. It’s usually served with savory crepes and sliced up so you can roll it into them along with sweet bean sauce and spring onions.

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