5 Best Entry Level Jobs For Recent College Graduates

5 Best Entry Level Jobs For Recent College Graduates

Recent college graduates are eager to get started with their careers, however, the fact of the matter is that because they are just starting out, they will not end up at the top.

They will not earn a high five-figure income or start out earning six-figures a year. They have to work their way to the top in order to achieve that, and that can only happen by starting out from the bottom.

Isn’t that how life works regardless?

Young adults fresh out of university are just starting out in the corporate world which becomes a new chapter in their lives. This is a huge adjustment for them since they know nothing about the working world considering that they have been in school all of their lives.

With that said, they will only want to apply to jobs that will be realistically fitting for their current phase in life! The 5 following best types of jobs for university graduates are:

1. An Intern

If the college graduate has a degree in Finance, Psychology, or Economics, then this is a great role to start out with.  

2. A Substitute Teacher Or A Teaching Assistant

graduate entry level jobs - teaching assistant

For college graduates who had majored in Music, Education, the Liberal Arts, or Computer Science can become a teaching assistant or a substitute teacher. This way, they will also see if teaching is a career they really want to get into as this is a great way to test the waters.  

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3. A Social Media Manager

This career is one that many freelancers without a university degree can do from home, but when it comes to working in social media management through in this situation. That is because their clients will come and go.

If you want to work as a social media manager at a larger company where your position will be secure, then you will need to be a university graduate with degrees in Public Relations or Communications.  

4. Junior Web Developer

 graduate entry level job: junior developer

This is another job that many freelancers take on from home but the issue once again is that clients can easily come and go.

In order for a college graduate to end up working as a web developer in a larger company and will have a secure position will need to have degrees in Computer Science or Engineering.  

5. Administrative Assistant

 graduate entry level job: administration assistant

This role is a common one that many college graduates that have degrees in Communications, Psychology, and Business take on.

This way, those who start out as an administrative assistant can eventually move on to management roles if they were to stay working for a long time in any particular company.


If you are a university graduate that is just starting out in the career world, the best places to look for the most suitable jobs are sites such as Indeed.com or Glassdoor.com. And be proactive with your job search, and don’t give up. It will take time to find the right job for you, and with resilience, the best job will come!

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