12 Best Entry Level Jobs For Recent College Graduates

University graduation is an exciting time for many young adults, but what happens if you are at this point in your life and you do not have any idea what the future holds for you? That small caveat can have you wondering if all those years in university were worthwhile.  

Thankfully, those years were well spent, because they will allow you to eventually have the job of your dreams.  If you are unsure of where you want to work, or what you want to do, after university graduation, then you must check out these best jobs for university graduates. 

1. Translators


If you have a knack for languages and spent part of your time in university learning a second or even third language, then a translator job might be your best option upon graduation. This position may have you staying in one place, but most of the time, you will find that you are traveling to different exciting parts of the world.

The best part is that you can either work for one specific company or you can work for a translation firm and help multiple companies at the same time.  

2. Web Developers

junior-developer job after graduation

Young adults are more tech savvy than the older generations, which is why you may want to consider becoming a web developer after attending university.  You can spend your days creating fabulous websites, while working on enhancing your programming and graphic design skills.

While you can work for a company doing this, there is also potential for you to branch out on your own and do some freelance work or be self-employed.  

3. Real Estate Agent

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Becoming a real estate agent is easier if you managed to take a lot of the classes when you were in university, but nothing should stop you from taking them after graduation!  As a real estate agent, you can work when your schedule allows it, although, you will earn more if you put in a forty plus hour week.

This is an excellent option if you want to help people find their dream home or if you are interested in finding a job that you can do in addition to another one. 

4. Computer Support Specialist


You may not have the skills to develop websites after graduating from university, but you should have the skills to help others with their computer issues. Computer support specialists are becoming more popular and that demand will only continue to grow in the future. As a support specialist, you will use your knowledge to answer many questions and solve problems that many people have throughout the day. 

This position is available within many individual companies or you can choose to work in a call center environment and help numerous companies or clients each day.  

5. A Substitute Teacher Or A Teaching Assistant


For college graduates who had majored in Music, Education, the Liberal Arts, or Computer Science can become a teaching assistant or a substitute teacher. This way, they will also see if teaching is a career they really want to get into as this is a great way to test the waters.  

6. Film and Video Editors


Film and videos are taking over the world, which is why you may want to jump on the bandwagon now!  This is one of the fastest growing positions and while you may love the thought of working on films, you will find that the majority of your work will be videos.  This is due to videos becoming quite popular online, as everyone seems to prefer watching content instead of reading it.

As a video editor, you can work for some major companies or you can work on your own, as you help bloggers and other online companies enhance their customers’ experiences.  

7. Technical Writers


As a regent university graduate, you may think that you never want to write another paper for the rest of your life! However, you may want to consider becoming a technical writer, because the pay is amazing!

This position is filled with opportunities to write instruction manuals, how-to guides, and many other technical documents that others will find helpful in their day-to-day lives.  Technical writers do need to do a lot of research, but the end result will be something that you can be proud of.  

8. Construction Workers


Getting a degree in one field doesn’t mean that you need to stick to that field once you graduate. There are so many options available to you, including as a worker in the field of construction. It is quite common for people with English or History degrees to find themselves working as construction managers within ten years of graduating.  

You will definitely not start out making tons of money as a construction worker, but as you learn the trade and get the experience, you will find yourself rising up in the ranks.  All you need is a love of working with your hands and the desire to solve any problem that comes your way quickly.

Once you have acquired both those things, as well as the ability to construct almost anything, you can then use your degree to become a construction manager or even get promoted to a higher position.  

9. Paralegals


Some people toy with the idea of continuing their education and going to law school, but then never do because they do not know if it is the right choice for them. 

If you are having these thoughts, then you may want to consider working as a paralegal after graduation. This position will allow you to learn more within the field and see if it is truly something that you would want to do for the rest of your life.  

10. Marketing Coordinators


Everyone normally takes some type of marketing class in university and that is what usually piques their interest in this field after graduation. This is definitely the position that you should consider if you love creating ideas and strategies that will allow someone to see the potential in a product and why they absolutely need to purchase it. 

Marketing coordinators work in many different areas, both in print and online, so you should have the skills to promote products in all areas. This position also requires you to multitask as you work, so be prepared to have multiple balls in the air at once, especially in the beginning when you are just learning the ropes.  

11. A Social Media Manager


This career is one that many freelancers without a university degree can do from home, but when it comes to working in social media management through in this situation. That is because their clients will come and go.

If you want to work as a social media manager at a larger company where your position will be secure, then you will need to be a university graduate with degrees in Public Relations or Communications.  

12. Administrative Assistant


This role is a common one that many college graduates that have degrees in Communications, Psychology, and Business take on.

This way, those who start out as an administrative assistant can eventually move on to management roles if they were to stay working for a long time in any particular company.


These are some of the best jobs out there if you just graduated from university and are looking for a position that you will love!  You may need to start at the bottom for each of them, but they all have potential for enormous growth. This is excellent news, especially if you fall in love with the position and know that it is something that you want to do for the rest of your life! 

If you are thinking about venturing outside of your comfort zone, teaching English abroad in China will also be a great option, you get to experience a new culture, while strengthening very important skills such as communication, leadership and languages etc. 

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