Exploring Wuhan: 4 Interesting Things To Do

The city of Wuhan has grown tremendously over the years and as it has done so, it has matured into the fascinating destination that it is today.  Yes, there is traffic to go with the hustle and bustle of some of the streets, but there is also tranquil parks, lakes, and temples that offer serenity to those who seek it the most.  

Here are 4 things that everyone must do while they are visiting Wuhan:

1. Visit the Yellow Crane Tower

things to do in Wuhan: Yellow-Crane-Tower

This is one of the most famous towers on this side of the world and this one was first constructed during 223 AD.  This tower has always been fairly well-known, but it managed to claim infamous status when the poem, Yellow Crane Tower, was written and distributed by Cui Hao.  Everyone must climb to the top of the tower to see the breathtaking views of the Yangtze River, as well as the bridge and many of the surrounding buildings.

2. Visit East Lake

things to do in wuhan: Visit-East-Lake-Wuhan

This lake is the largest lake within any of the Chinese cities and people could spend hours wandering along the banks, while looking at all the crossing ponds and brooks.  A favorite part to see is the East Lake Scenic Area, which is full of pieces of the ancient Chu culture, as well as the Sea of Birds and the extraordinary gardens. Most people will want to hop onboard one of the ferries, so that they can see this area from a different vantage point.  

3. Climb to the Top of the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge

things to do in wuhan: Wuhan-Yangtze-River-Bridge

This is a two-story bridge that was the first bridge to cross the Yangtze River and it was constructed back in 1955.  Today, the trains run on the lower level, while vehicles drive across up on top. Those visitors who want to go to the top of the bridge can take one of the elevators that go up to the sightseeing towers at both ends of the bridge.  The tops of these towers offer amazing views of the city and the river itself.

4. Visit the Hubei Provincial Museum

things to do in wuhan: Hubei-Provincial-Museum

This is one of the best museums within the country and visitors will want to see each one of the three sections.  Those sections include the Comprehensive Exhibition Building, the Chime Bells Exhibition Hall, and the Chu Culture Exhibition Hall.  Favorite items include what was excavated from the tombs of Marquis of Yi, who was popular during the Warring State Period. Those items were made from bronze, stone, and wood and there are hundreds of them on display.  

There is a plethora of temples within Wuhan and everyone who visits must take the time to see them all.  While these four things will get a person started on their journey through this city, there is so much more waiting for everyone who chooses to visit.

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