Young and Aspiring, Ready for China

We’ve interviewed Darryl, a recent graduate from the University of the West of England. Having been a high achiever academically, and had a few experiences in volunteering and entrepreneurship, Darryl is planning to explore his possibilities via teaching in China.

Introducing: Darryl Martin

Darryl graduated from the University of the West of England (majoring in Geography). Volunteered in Uganda as a researcher to tackle challenging community issues, Darryl is an aspiring fresh graduate with a global vision for his future. In his spare time, he also loves playing instruments and football with his mates.

Interview Transcript

Darryl: Hi, I’m Darryl. I’ve just finished university, studying at the University of West New England. Just finished my Geography degree and I’m about to leave to teach English in China for a year.

Zoe: Can you describe yourself in three words?

Darryl: I’m hardworking on adaptable as well.

Zoe: Is that what your friends would say about you as well? (jokingly)

Darryl: I hope so (laugh).

Zoe: Okay (laugh). What’s keeping you busy recently?

Darryl: Recently I’ve had a lot of exams actually, I only finished two weeks ago. Apart from being in the library all the time I have just finished now and it’s just relaxing and studying with some of my friends. I’m also doing the online TEFL course and I’m hoping to learn a bit of Mandarin soon as well to prepare me. Yeah that’s what’s keeping me busy at the moment.

Zoe: Sounds very nice like after the various stressful time in the exam and now finally the time to relax, but also had a little bit preparation for the exciting future. What are your hobbies?

Darryl: I’ve got a few hobbies but I’d say what I most like doing is probably playing football with my friends or dancing, music stuff like that yeah.

Zoe: Do you play instruments as well?

Darryl: I also play instruments, yeah I listened to a lot of music as well.

Zoe: So you’re one of the cool kids in a band? What drives you deeply as a person?

Darryl: Well obviously, my family and close friends are a lot of inspiration. But I think throughout my closest study when just learning about the world and issues across the world as well as going and seeing things like on field trips, or spending time abroad volunteering. It really inspired me to go further into the world, into different places, and learn about other cultures. To learn more about myself, but also to learn more about others and hopefully, do some work and that it shall actually help other people.

Zoe: Why did you decide to teach in China?

Darryl: Personally, I’ve got a lot of family in China. What I’ve heard about China is that it’s such a fast-growing and dynamic place, and I feel like it’s a great place for someone to grow and to live for a year, to gain all the experience. I’ve also heard a lot of things like, the people are very friendly, the food is great, obviously. Personally, teaching in China for a year, I think that will show employers that I am going to throw myself in the deep end and that’s going to help me grow as a person and also show that I’ve a lot of perseverance from spending a year abroad by myself. I don’t think many people are going to be doing that. So it’s quite a nice thing for my CV.

Zoe: What are you expecting from this experience?

Darryl: I think from this experience I’m expecting – I have spent some time abroad, in Africa and that was with three other students. Even at the beginning, it was more difficult and gradually it got a lot better and better. To be honest, I’m not expecting it to be easy but I’m expecting, as I become more comfortable and as I get to know my surroundings I think that it will be a great experience but it’s not going to be easy I know that but it would definitely be worth it. Well, depending on this year in China. I think I’ll spend at least a year there. I think I’d like some Masters afterwards, probably something to do with development. After that, that will probably be about three years hopefully working somewhere abroad again, I don’t know somewhere in China, maybe Africa, something like that, not sure. Yeah, I think with a job hopefully, we’ll see.

Zoe: You’ll get it. You’re already exploring the world now. Your suggestion to people considering teaching in China?

Darryl: I actually haven’t, obviously, I haven’t been to China yet and I have no experience there. What I will say is that having international experience already what little the experiences I have already. It has been really important when speaking to people and I think that even though I haven’t been yet, I’m sure that I’ll be much more when I come back. It will really impress future employers as well.

Zoe: Your most adventurous experience?

Darryl: Okay, so I spend a month researching the effects of illegal gold mining in Uganda, for the local community, so what impact has happened to them. That was quite interesting.

Zoe: Your favorite color is?

Darryl: Color? I’d say black, Oh that’s an awful answer (laugh). But I like black.

Zoe: That’s very unexpected. Are you a dog person or a cat person?                      

Darryl: Dog person definitely, I’ve got two dogs.  

Zoe: Your favorite song is?

Darryl: I don’t think I have a favorite song.I literally can’t think of one I’m really sorry.

Zoe: Okay.

Darryl: Give me 15 minutes maybe I can think of one.

Zoe: Beethoven, no?

Darryl: Yeah, one of those.

Zoe: Okay. It’s was very nice talking with you, and then hopefully other people will find this very useful or at least inspiring for them to take the action, or just consider about another possibility to improve their life, broaden their life experiences or career potentials. Thank you very much, see ya.

Darryl: Bye!

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