Graduating from University? Teaching in China needs you!

The Position

  • Contract length: around 10 ~ 12 months
  • Salary: 10,000-25,000 RMB monthly salary (depending on the location and school type)
  • Accommodation: 3,000 RMB monthly housing allowance, or provided free by the school
  • Work hour: Maximum of 18 lessons per week, 40-45 minutes per lesson
  • Flight allowances: 5,000 RMB flight allowance (either by reimbursement or pre-paid)
  • Insurance: provided
  • Free Chinese lessons: provided


  • Have a bachelor degree
  • Be a native speaker in English (*passport holders of United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand or South Africa in order to meet China’s visa regulations)
  • Be passionate about learning and education
  • Able to obtain clean police check

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Why Teaching English in China After Graduation?

Have you ever considered working in China – a country of economic prosperity, rich culture, and endless opportunity? With a meteoric rise in development in China, there is an unprecedented need for English teachers in major cities

It is a great opportunity for university graduates to experience teaching and living in China.

The experiences, stories, impact, development you have when you move back to Australia (if you do decide to move back) will change you. Quite simply you just become a more interesting person.

Harold Aman

What Can You Get From This Experience?

Personal Growth

Make new friends, learn a new language, step outside of your comfort zone.



Build a meaningful connection with your students and friends in China.

Essential Skills

Develop your communication, planning and problem-solving skills.


Opportunity to explore the country with more than 5,000 years of history.

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Types of Schools

Public Schools

All the public schools are run fairly well when it comes to organization and classroom size. You will find that you will have between thirty and fifty students in your classroom and you will be able to teach mostly what you want. The majority of Chinese public schools are great places for kids to study and you’ll encounter a lot of students who are academically outstanding.


Nowadays, English education has become so important that it’s even the mainstream in Kindergartens in China. Working schedule in kindergartens is quite similar to the public school, where you usually will have a consistent Monday to Friday schedule, plus you can expect a summer holiday. It’ll be so incredible and rewarding because of how excited young children are to learn, and how quickly they learn new information. 

Language Institutions

Language institutions cater to students who want to learn the English language after their normal school hours. This type of position will allow you to really get to know the locals in the area that you will be living in. Your students and colleges will willingly teach you their traditions, cultures, and even language in return for you spending time teaching them what they need to know in the English language.

Teaching English in China Graduate Program

A brand-new journey starts from here!