Teach in China Graduate Program | 2019

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Why Teach in China after graduation?

Great opportunities in China:

Have you ever considered working in China – a country of economic prosperity, rich culture, and endless opportunity? With a meteoric rise in development in China, there is an unprecedented need for English teachers in major cities. 

It is a great opportunity for university graduates to experience teaching and living in China.

Great package, support and training: 

Our programs connect you with positions across multiple cities in China, which all offer a good package (base salary + accommodation allowances). What’s better? Support for visa application, airport pickup, sourcing accommodation are also provided, plus free Chinese classes and flight reimbursement.

Personal Growth

Make new friends, learn a new language, step outside of your comfort zone.

Professional Growth

Develop your communication, planning and problem-solving skills.


Build meaningful connection with your students and friends in China. Create memories that last a lifetime.

What Talented Graduates Say?


Personally, teaching in China for a year, I think that will show employers that I am going to throw myself in the deep end and that’s going to help me grow as a person and also show that I’ve a lot of perseverance from spending a year abroad by myself.

Darryl Martin
Teacher in Hangzhou, China
Oct 31, 2018

The experiences, stories, impact, development you have when you move back to Australia (if you do decide to move back) will change you. Quite simply you just become a more interesting person.

Harold Aman
Teacher in Chongqing, China
September, 2017

I think this is for anyone who wants to develop new skills and see something new and basically explore new parts of the world. I think China is just perfect place to be. It’s going to be also economical hub and it’s going to the center of trade. So in that sense, if someone is looking for some new opportunities in life and in business then its good direction. And it’s definitely for someone who likes traveling and seeing new things.

Robert Niezgodtka
Teacher in Hangzhou, China
August 30, 2018

Teach in China as a graduate: The Positions

Fully Emmersive EXPERIENCE

One-year fully immersive cultural experience teaching and living in China. You will be provided with a package of competitive salary, accommodation/flight allowances, full support of getting started including settling in, teaching training and Chinese lessons.


  • Contract length: around 10 ~ 12 months
  • Salary: 10,000-13,000 RMB monthly salary
  • Accommodation: 3,000 RMB monthly housing allowance, or provided free by the school
  • Work hour: Maximum of 18 lesson per week, 40-45 minutes per lesson
  • Flight allowances: 5,000 RMB flight allowance (either by reimbursement or pre-paid)
  • Insurance: provided
  • Free Chinese lessons: provided

Graduate Program Requirements

Our ideal candidate:

The ideal candidates for teaching in China are one of a kind. We are seeking for those who dare to step outside of their comfort zone, willing to learn new things every single day, and own their experiences by always putting on their best of best!  

You have to be:

  • A Graduate With A Bachelor Degree
  • Native Speaker In English
  • A Passionate Person For Learning And Education
  • Able To Obtain Clean Police Check
  • Able To Work And Live In China For At Least One Year


Where to teach in China?

Cities with different cultures, economic development, and flavours.

What types of schools?

Job openings in China for 2019 - 2020.

sea dragon education teacher at a conference

Public Schools

All the public schools are run fairly well when it comes to organization and classroom size. You will find that you will have between thirty and fifty students in your classroom and you will be able to teach mostly what you want. The one thing that seems to be an issue in these schools is that some students are ready to learn English, while others just see it as a class that they need to take.

Language Institutions

Language institutions cater to students who want to learn the English language after their normal school hours. This type of position will allow you to really get to know the locals in the area that you will be living in. Your students and colleges will willingly teach you their traditions, cultures, and even language in return for you spending time teaching them what they need to know in the English language.

meten international education teachers

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