Is China a Good Place to Live? The Answer Can Be Both.

Moving to China may sound scary and impossible to many people, but those who have taken the risk have quickly discovered that it was an excellent decision for them!

Living in China can be much more exciting and amazing than living in other areas of the world, despite the fact that the country can be slightly overcrowded.

Reasons Why China is a Great Place to Live

1. Exploring A New Place

One of the main reasons people want to live in China is because they love exploring new places and learning new things. Imagine all the cities, countrysides, and neighborhoods you can explore without venturing too far from your new home. Plus, the number of new attractions for you to see and explore are plentiful, giving you a plethora of things to do for weeks, months, and even years.

2. Learning About New Cultures  

Learning about other cultures is exciting because it allows you to see how the past has shaped today and the future.  While you can learn about different cultures from books, there is nothing better than experiencing it firsthand from the locals that live within those cultures every day.

3. Learning Mandarin

Learning Mandarin will also be exciting for you, although it can be a difficult language to master. However, once you start to learn a few words, you can easily begin to communicate with others that you meet over in China. Then, once you become slightly proficient, it will be one more thing that you can add to your resume!

4. Traveling in China 


Traveling and living in China go hand in hand because you can reach so many different areas in a short amount of time from this country. This means that when you are living in China, you can easily take a train or airplane to your destination of choice without needing to be away from your new home for weeks at a time.  You can easily spend long weekends traveling the world while seeing new sights that will instantly take your breath away.

5. Employment Opportunities

One of the best things about moving to China is that your future employer will help you get settled into your new life.  They will help you find a place to live, if they do not already have a place lined up for you, plus they will make sure that you know how to get to certain places.

Some of the places that your employer, and co-workers, will make sure you know about is where to get the best food to eat. While you may crave all those Western foods, you are not going to want to pay the price for them the entire time you are living there. Instead, you can easily try, and learn to love, the local and traditional cuisines of the area you are living in. The prices for these foods will be quite low, especially if you listen to your employer and go to the places that the locals visit all the time.

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Reasons Why China May Not Be the Best Place to Live

There are a few reasons why China might not be the best place for you to live, but most of them are not really deal-breakers for many people.

1. Enjoy Big Living Space


One of the biggest reasons why people choose not to live in China is the fact that they want a very large house to live in. There are no large houses in China and in reality, you will probably be living in an apartment that is in a very tall building with narrow spaces.

2. Religions

If you are a very religious person, you are going to be in for a surprise when you arrive in China.  The Chinese people are mostly atheists, although a few do practice religion on occasion.  This can be a shock to some people, especially those who attend church every Sunday and other specific days of the week.

3. Not Used To New Things

Spending time in China always means spending time with those from other cultures.  If you are the type of person who only wants to spend their time with people that look, act, talk, and do things like you do, then moving to China is not going to be for you.

4. Internet Restriction 

One of the main shocks to many people is the fact that the internet has many restrictions in China.  This can be bad news for those that depend on the internet every single day for everything! If this is you, then you are going to want to think twice before you consider China as your next home away from home.

So, Is China a Good Place for You to Live? 

Now that you know the main reasons as to why China is a good place to live, and why it may not be the place for you, you can finally decide whether you are ready to make the move.

You may be pleasantly surprised at how amazing this country is and that the reasons not to move there are less bothersome to you than you first thought.

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