Is Living in China Safe? (Some Useful Tips)

Is China safe to live? Let’s find out!

If you’ve been considering moving abroad to work in China, perhaps to teach or in some other facet of the business, you’ve likely wondered how safe it is.

It’s normal for many people to find great happiness in uprooting their lives from their home countries and moving abroad. It doesn’t need to be permanent, and it always turns into a life-changing experience. But most people don’t just pack their bags and jet off to a new location without fully looking into the advantages and disadvantages of a place.  

Rest assured, China ranks as one of the lowest-threat places by the US State Department. It’s certainly not a crime-free place (nowhere is) but you can enjoy a relatively safe existence. There are a few things to mindful of though.

Some useful tips when living in China:


Driving in China is a bit wilder than the Western world. Always pay attention when crossing the road, even if you have the right of way.

Never drink tap water

This is something that’s never safe. Always boil your water first!

Be current with vaccinations

There are a few different kinds of maladies one can be exposed to in China that aren’t common in other parts. A quick trip to the doctor for a shot can help prevent it though!

Watch out for scams

As with any place, you’ll find scams happening in China too. The trick is knowing how to spot them. Sometimes, you’ll catch Chinese people trying to scam others by pretending to be injured in traffic, then demanding money. Other times, pretty young girls will try to lure men to tea houses and leave them with a large tab. Just be aware as you would be anywhere else.


Other than that, you can feel rather safe while in China.

Unlike the United States, there are no guns in the hands of regular citizens. That doesn’t mean there aren’t randomly off people but most Chinese behave as they are expected to by the law.

To be as safe as possible, learn the customs of your city and practice safety the way you would in your own country.

Most expats feel perfectly safe walking around at night, but there is always safety in numbers. Chinese people, for the most part, are incredibly friendly and kind. They may be curious about you in some cities because they may not have seen a foreigner before.

Enjoy being their celebrity and you may find you’ve got some new Chinese friends in your corner to help you get to know your new surroundings while you’re there.

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