1. Education background: English or English related majors, bachelor degree or above, normal education, relevant experience is preferred
  2. Good image and temperament, strong affinity;
  3. Love children, love the work with children, and willing to devote time and energy to the growth of children;
  4. Love and dedication to the youth English education, pay attention to teamwork;
  5. Cheerful, lively, responsible, able to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude

Job Descriptions:

  1. Teaching small classes and one-on-one (15 full classes, the current average number of classes is 10) English courses (student ages 3 to 60 years old), students include youth and adults, and the proportion of young students is relatively large, accounting for about 80%. Teach students how to learn English, develop their bilingual thinking ability, and convey the values of self-confidence, optimism and positive energy;
  2. Complete teaching tasks with high quality according to the teaching plan;
  3. According to the curriculum arrangement, make full preparations for the class
  4. Actively participate in various trainings and lectures organized by the teaching department or the headquarters;

Salary and Welfare:

  1. basic salary + bonus (3-4k, no late arrival or early departure, no teaching complaint, no refund)

A:  16-18k /month (basic salary + bonus) . The company provides accommodation (usually 2-3 people share a set, the company bears the cost of rent, try to be near the campus, each campus can provide, the rest of the expenses such as water and electricity; Network; Extra expenses such as housing deposit (the deposit is generally one month’s rent) shall be borne by the foreign teachers themselves, and the roommates are foreign teachers of our company.

B: 18-20k /month (salary includes basic salary + bonus + housing allowance). The foreign teachers should find accommodation by themselves (our company will provide some housing information as appropriate)

  1. year-end appraisal
  2. air ticket (complete reimbursement )
  3. visa reimbursement (complete reimbursement)
  4. insurance (commercial insurance)
  5. Paid annual leave (7 days full salary, apply 2 months in advance after 6 months of the contract),
  6. Paid winter holiday (3 weeks with basic salary, equal to the Spring Festival)
  7. holiday gifts
  8. Regular team building
  9. Free Chinese courses

Working Hours:

  1. Teaching hours: 25 hours per week, no office hours , two days off/week, days off are not necessarily consecutive nor at weekends, depending on the specific class arrangement
  2. Extra teaching hours shall be paid on an hourly basis (the calculation unit of extra teaching hours shall be monthly, which means if the teaching hours exceed 100 hours in the current month, the overtime teaching fee shall be calculated, and the teaching hours shall be 130-140 yuan per hour, and no compulsory overtime work).

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