ENJOY TEACHING kids and love meeting people from around the world? ALWAYS CORRECTING your friends’ grammar?
Sound like you’re a perfect applicant for the position!   iTutorGroup is hiring and I’m here to mentor and guide you through the whole process! In addition, I will personally interview you and help you through out your first months of teaching!


Bachelor’s degree, a TEFL certificate with an accredited and existing TEFL institute and a passion for teaching and


Apply through online application here and qualified candidates will hear from us in no time!


👉iTutorGroup (or iTG for short) requires 5 fixed hours (flexible, CAN ADD more any time. Can also easily take leave from fixed and non-fixed hours).
👉Teach mainly children – 25minute classes.
👉Bachelor’s degree or higher ( not accepting applicants without a Bachelor’s degree or in the process of studying for one)
👉Get pay increase on baserate.👍
👉OWN platform (see student and your camera, company material from Oxford University Press and use toolboard that’s similar to “paint”).
👉24/7 IT & schedulers support
👉Company offers secondary positions. The pay will be much higher than the baserate.
👉Can start within 4 days!

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