The 10 Best Jobs in China for Americans (2020)

Are you an American thinking about getting a job in China?

With many people seeking global opportunities, China has become a hot-spot for American professionals in many sectors. 

The chance to live somewhere new and experience a new culture while enriching your career is something you shouldn’t pass up. There are numerous opportunities to grab in China, if you just know where to look.

Plus, these jobs can be quite lucrative for Americans. If you feel like you’re stuck in your current situation or simply want to have a lifestyle change, try going somewhere by living and working in China

Want to do what you love or try a new career out altogether in China? Here are the 10 best job opportunities in China for Americans. 

1. Software Developer

jobs in China for Americans - software engineer

While the tech crunch for engineering and programming is a little less in demand than it used to be, the chance for Americans to get a foothold in this sector is still very promising. 

Because the real estate boom continues in China, those with a bachelor’s in computer programming or engineering could find themselves in a top-ranking company making a 6-figure salary, just for having knowledge in the field and for speaking English.

2. Translator

jobs in China for Americans - translator

It’s one the jobs in China particularly for English speakers, but it’s not enough to merely be able to waft in and out of English and Chinese with ease, though that will certainly get you work. 

The key here is to hone your skills in a certain industry, like law or marketing for example. Then you’ll be in high demand with a high paycheck to go right along with it. 

3. Marketing


Living in the urban sprawls of China (Shanghai, Beijing etc.), there is a massive demand for marketers who can entice foreign and non-English speakers. 

You’ll need your marketing, communications, or journalism degree and some experience in the field is certainly preferred. Good money awaits, up to $4,000 per month if you’re good enough. 

The thing to note though is that in China, few companies know the distinction between sales and marketing so you’ll likely be wearing multiple hats. They’ll be clamoring for you to help them target beyond China for upscale clientele like rich expats living in China for example. 

4. Modeling/Acting

jobs in China for Americans - modelling:acting

If you have the looks, you might be just what a Chinese company is looking for. 

In China, using a foreign face for modeling or acting is highly regarded due to the e-commerce boom. 

Even if you have no experience, you might be able to find your calling in this field simply by knowing where to show up. It’s not always easy to land parts though so while you could find success, it may be awhile between gigs. 

It’s not bad though for a side hustle to complement one of the other jobs on our list. 

5. Teaching English in China


By a landslide, one of the most popular ways to earn lots of money while working in China is to teach English

It’s very simple to find work because it is a field that is in high demand. Even if you’ve never taught before, you can find work teaching English in China. You only need a 4-year degree from a university in any field and to get your TEFL certificate which is easy to do. 

Teaching English in China affords many opportunities because there are so many schools, both public and private, plus tutoring opportunities and colleges. You can teach English to small, adorable children or even to businessmen eager to advance their careers. 

There are so many choices, and the pay and perks of it are even more enticing than other career options. 

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6. Voice Talent


Have a good, crispy voice with a flat accent? You might find your calling as a voice talent. 

You could be used for commercials or even just recording textbook exchanges, but there is potential for growth. Serious candidates should create a voice demo and get it out there.

7. Foreign Expertise

jobs in China for Americans - foreign expertise

If you have other foreign experience or knowledge, especially in a particular field, you may be one of the most coveted commodities for a Chinese company. 

Having knowledge of the Western market to share along with language skills immediately opens up many doors in the business world. Some US companies will happily transfer you to their offices in China if you can be their ideal liaison. 

8. Advertising Manager

jobs in China for Americans - advertising manager

For those that are passionate, proactive, and creative, advertising is a great way to break into the working world in China. 

Experience is less important here though a drive to succeed will get you far. Because both Chinese and foreign businesses are fighting to stake a claim on the Chinese business sector, you may find your niche with a foreign ad agency that needs new talent to crush the competition. 

9. Lawyers


While you’ll need to have prior jurisdiction elsewhere, carrying on your law career in China can be a fantastic career move. 

International firms often turn to those with American law degrees as well as a high-level in Chinese language. With the right experience, you’ll glean more about Chinese law and become a Foreign Representative Attorney.  

10. Beauticians 

jobs in China for Americans - beauticians

It’s only been in recent times that the beauty culture has hit China. Beauticians from foreign lands are highly sought after because they have international training and use different methods. 

The Chinese beauty sector is always on the hunt for fresh foreign talent to help mold its industry and bring about high quality standards. 

Working in China as an Expat

With the low cost of living in China, moving from America to China to work is a great idea. If you’ve been floundering in your career, need a change of scenery, or just want to add another dimension to your experience, taking a job in China is one of the best career moves you can make!

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