How to express your gratitudes in Chinese? Well, if you are curious, you might want to check out these 5 ways of saying Thank You in Mandarin Chinese!

1. 谢谢 xiè xiè

It means Thanks, Thank You in Chinese. It’s one of those the most common phrases to express Thank You in Chinese.  

2. 感谢 gǎn xiè

Gǎn has a meaning of being moved and touched, so gǎn xiè is a way to show your gratitude in a more emotional way. It is also often used in a more formal way.

3. 多谢 duō xiè

Duō means many, so duō xiè means many thanks. Similar to the difference between thanks and many thanks, duō xiè is slightly stronger than xiè xiè in terms of expressing your gratitude. 

4. 谢谢你 xiè xiè nǐ

We’ve just learnt xiè xiè at the beginning of this video. Adding nǐ to it, is a more personal way of saying thank you, to that particular person you wanna thank. And in Chinese, it does make the other person feel more personal.

5. 太感谢了 tài gǎn xiè le /太谢谢了tài xiè xiè le

When you really want to emphasize your gratitude and appreciation, you can add tài before the adjective. And in Chinese, we also add 了( le) after the adjective to sound more natural. So you can say, tài gǎn xiè le, or tài xiè xiè le, to express thank you so much.

How about if you are the person who receives thank you in Chinese? How can you respond? 

不用谢 bú yòng xiè

bú yòng means no need, no need to thank. The direct translation might not be something you are used to, but it’s really a polite way to respond in Chinese, meaning you are welcome in English. 

不客气 Bù kè qì

Or, you can also say, 不客气 Bù kè qì, kè qì means polite, bù kè qì in Chinese has a meaning of, not to mention it, not at all, to show that it’s your pleasure to help, and the other person is so kind to say thank you to you. 

A Recap

Now you’ve learnt 5 ways of saying thank you in Chinese, let’s do a quick recap:

  • 谢谢 xiè xiè Thanks
  • 感谢 gǎn xiè Thank you 
  • 多谢 duō xiè Many thanks, thanks a lot 
  • 谢谢你 xiè xiè nǐ Thank you 
  • 太感谢了 tài gǎn xiè le /太谢谢了tài xièxiè le Thank you very much 

Now you know how to express your appreciation in Chinese, and how to respond to people who say thank you to you. Practice makes perfect, so use them as much as possible!