How to Manage Your Online Teaching Job During the Pandemic?

Managing your online teaching job can be stressful, especially during the pandemic. The entire world is going through a health crisis brought on by the Covid-19, followed closely by economic repercussions in the form of lost jobs, transforming workplaces to fit the remote model, and entire businesses closing their doors. In light of all of those changes and adaptations, online teaching has on one hand flourished as a safe mode of work that is both rewarding and challenging, but it has also stalled due to various bureaucratic difficulties.

Especially during this time, English teachers are gaining even more popularity in Asia, and diverse online classes and teaching methods are on offer. However, as a teacher, you need to make this journey as seamless as possible, to enable simple financial transactions, uninterrupted communication with your students, and keep work coming your way. Here are a few tips for teachers to make this period a little easier to handle and to better manage your finances and your work in one go!

Thorough Lesson Plans for Each Class

lesson plans for esl online teaching

Teachers know so well that time in the classroom can depend on so many different factors. For instance, students can find one activity so engaging that you spend more time using that particular game instead of moving on to the next. Then again, there are times when you use all of your ideas and still have extra time on your hands, but also plenty of props to fill up the time and help your students learn.

In an online classroom, the situation is somewhat different. It takes more energy to get your students active both verbally and physically. That is why you should thoroughly plan each online lesson, to make sure each student participates, to inspire them to learn during this stressful time, and to make the most of the time your students spend in your classes.

Simplify Your Money Management

financial management for ESL teachers

Now when social distancing is crucial, every organization (schools included) needs to find a more effective way to grant salary access to their employees, while teachers need smart ways to make purchases and reduce expenses every step of the way. Instead of paper checks or waiting in long ATM lines to pick up their funds, many people now use a personalized payroll card that helps employers automate the payroll process while at the same time ensuring their employees can get their funds without hassle.

Digital money exchange platforms have made it far easier for both parties involved to continue the trend of social distancing while at the same time gaining access to their funds without added expenses. In fact, these transactions tend to help cut expenses and speed up the process for everyone involved.

Organize an Engaging Workspace

English education market in China, teach Chinese kids English,

Unlike a physical classroom where your students enjoy the presence of their peers, access to all kinds of fun activities and tools, teaching online means that you need to bring that same creative mood to life out of thin air. That said, many language schools in China already use their own teaching platforms with all kinds of engaging content to praise your students and help them communicate more easily.

Add to that, you’ll need to set up your own background and activities for better engagement such as a whiteboard your camera can capture well, plenty of colorful markers, flashcards, and puppets for kids to make it all the more fun. Set up your workstation beforehand to have everything close enough so that your lessons can flow.

Ask for Regular Feedback

seek feedback from your students to improve your teaching skills

Your methods and existing lesson plans might have worked well with your students thus far, but switching to online teaching can be a challenge even for the most experienced teachers. The simplest way to make the most of your online time with your students is to regularly, preferably after each session or at least weekly, ask for feedback and constructive comments.

That way, you can be sure that your existing strategy will be complemented with your students’ preferences and suggestions, for the sake of more effective classes, especially with kids.


Whether you work with a single online school, or you’ve just transitioned from classroom teaching to the digital realm, there are a few learning curves to embrace during this period, but you can master them all. With a little help from technology, smart money management options, and time management, you can keep your classes booked and focus on delivering engaging, entertaining lessons each and every time. This is perhaps a great opportunity to refine your teaching strategies, hear more from your students, and improve yourself as a teacher.

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