6 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to China

If you’re planning to move to China to work or travel, there’s no doubt you’ll want to take in as much of the experience as possible. However, as a fast-growing country that’s constantly changing every day, China isn’t like your home base.

Being prepared will help keep the moments of culture shock that you’ll experience to a minimum and make your life there much easier.

Read on to find out about some of the things you’ll need before moving to China, so that you can focus more on enjoying China.

1. Things get crazy around Chinese holidays

Travelling to or around China during the major Chinese national holidays (in particular, the Chinese New Year), is a very difficult experience. The crowds are even more intense than usual and delays are rampant.

Try to avoid travelling during this time or be ready for anything.

 2. Never leave home without these essentials

You will come to deeply regret it if you ever leave your hotel or apartment without carrying hand sanitizers or toilet paper. Trust me.

Additionally, you’ll want to tote along any necessary medications you need as well as general OTC remedies for common ailments to make life a ton easier.

3. Learn how to eat with chopsticks

Unlike your favourite Chinese restaurant around the corner, the restaurants in China don’t have forks for you to eat with. You might get a spoon but you’ll draw even more stares than usual.

Practice and master eating with chopsticks. As a bonus, you’ll feel incredibly accomplished.

4. Always carry important addresses in Chinese

For your hotel, apartment building, workplace, or any landmark you want to visit, print out the names of these destinations in Chinese.

It will avoid miscommunications with your driver.

5. Get an app

Make use of the many language apps out there and install them on your phone before you arrive. You likely won’t master Mandarin in 5 minutes, but you’ll learn key phrases which the locals will appreciate.

Plus, you can use the app to help you communicate what you need.

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6. Make a new friend

Students in high school and college typically know some English and they’re happy to practice it. Your new friends can help you find places you need to go, practice the language, and show you how to enjoy China. In return, you can be a good friend by helping them with their English.

Enjoy your life in China!

Whether you’re staying for a short while or a lot longer, doing these things will help you feel more settled in which will keep you from feeling so foreign.

Before you know it, China will feel like home!

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