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A Community for Expats in China

“I decided to take the leap to explore China, but then the next daunting thing was, how am I gonna make it? I really hoped there were some real tips and guides to help me better understand China and what it’s like living there, so that I can be better prepared and make the most out of my China experience.” 
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Teacher in China

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Insights and updates about Living in China

What it’s like living in China as an expat? What are some of the cultural and social facts I need to learn more about in order to make my life in China easier? We have you covered. 

Insights about living in China
Expats in China and their stories

Stories from other expats

People who are living in China, or have lived in China sharing their stories and opinions about China experiences. 

Jobs updated, regularly

We are constantly curating well-paying teaching jobs in China across multiple cities. With our weekly newsletter, you’ll also get a few recommended jobs that are CURRENTLY hiring.

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Fresh, useful content about working and living in China

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About us

Connecting schools and institutes in China with potential candidates via our global job board.

Our mission

To provide the most useful information for expats or soon-to-be expats in China regarding working, living, and teaching in China.

What you’ll get

  • Updates on important China news
  • Tips and insights for expats
  • Expat stories and interviews
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