18 May, 2020

Zoe Liang - Panda Buddy - Teaching in China

By Zoe Liang

Hi friends!

I know you are probably feeling a little bit stressed out for the situation at this moment, I feel you. Nobody knows what the future holds, there’s still a lot of uncertainty in the world of teaching overseas. But I urge you to stay positive and be one of the people who see opportunities in crisis. 

There are still a lot of schools in China currently are hiring, people are generally very optimistic (or they choose to be) about how things are going to be. 

There are always people who will thrive during uncertain times, and those are the ones who stay calm and prepare. 🙌

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Have Fun Nevertheless 😜

🤣 The PROVEN way of returning China as an ex-pat during the pandemic.

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Jobs in China 💼

Beijing ABC Training School (Job Link) 📍Beijing

Great package with NO OFFICE HOURS (lots of free time!).

Kindergarten Teacher (Job Link) 📍Multiple cities in China

Jobs offered are optional all over China with good environment and good salary.

ESL Teaching Jobs (Job Link) 📍Guangdong

Offering positions that have the work z visa and free apartment provided.

>> For more jobs, visit Teaching in China Job Board.

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