23rd June, 2020

Zoe Liang - Panda Buddy - Teaching in China

By Zoe Liang

Hi friends!

We are living in a strange time. 

Things are shaking up in various areas in our lives and we are all trying to adapt. I can already foresee a lot of things that we’re adapting now, will inevitably become the “new normal”, e.g., the hygiene practices, remote working, etc… 💻

The ability to work online definitely proves to be an advantage, there’s no doubt that online jobs are here to stay and thrive even after this pandemic ends. However, the innate human nature to travel and connect is such a fire in us. It’ll never die. 🔥
Are you ready for the new world? A world that we are all familiar with, and just a little bit different? 👊

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Jobs in China 💼

English Teacher in HK Needed (Job Link) 📍HongKong

HK $20,527.50 – 21,131.25 per month, possible opportunities for career advancement in numerous fields within the organization

[Online] TEFL Teacher Online (Job Link) 📍Remote 

5-40 hrs per week. iTutorGroup is hiring and I’m here to mentor and guide you through the whole process! In addition, I will personally interview you and help you throughout your first months of teaching!

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