2nd June, 2020

Zoe Liang - Panda Buddy - Teaching in China

By Zoe Liang

Hi friends!

As some of you might be stuck at home (just like me), so what’ll be a better use of time than learning Chinese? Even though you can definitely survive well in China without speaking Chinese, it’s worth learning some basics before your trip so that you can surprise your colleagues and other expats!

I’m thinking about making some short videos introducing some useful Chinese phrases for free for all of you, let me know if that’s something you’ll be interested in. 😊

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Some Useful Resources for Learning Chinese 📖

I’ve compiled some useful resources for learning Chinese online (some are totally free!):

  • Udemy: short and practical Chinese courses with affordable prices.
  • Duolingo: Duolingo has gamified the learning experience so that it can also be fun learning Chinese!
  • Chinese for Beginners from Peking University: you can choose to “audit” the course so that you can learn Chinese from the best University in China for FREE!
  • Check out Amy’s journey of learning Chinese: 👇


Best Apps to Learn Chinese

Jobs in China 💼

Experienced English Instructors (Job Link) 📍Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen

High-income potential (basic salary 20,100 – 22,500 RMB per month)  with Sponsored TEFL Certificate Class: Free TEFL online class for you to boost your salary and experience. 

ESL Teacher (Job Link) 📍Guangdong

Positions available both in small towns and big cities all over Guangdong, South China. Work Visa and Apartment Provided.

kindergarten Teachers  (Job Link) 📍Guangzhou 

Experience preferred but not required, hiring all year round.  

Primary School Teacher (Job Link) 📍Guangzhou 

18,00-21,00 RMB per month with a free apartment located near the school. 

>> For more jobs, visit Teaching in China Job Board.

More teaching jobs coming soon in June. Stay tuned.

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