25 May, 2020

Zoe Liang - Panda Buddy - Teaching in China

By Zoe Liang

Hi friends!

How important is English education in China? Imagine that you start learning English as a second language ever since you were in kindergarten, all the way till University. It is one of the most important subjects for the National College Entrance Examination (i.e., Gaokao), the ONE exam that “can set the course of a student’s life in China”. 

In 2018, the number of Chinese students studying abroad reached 662,100. According to Statista, the market for private English education across China in 2017 was estimated at around 41.5 billion USD and projected to grow to 75 billion USD by 2022. Just imagine that.

My take on this? Chinese people really desire to learn more about this world and want to be an active part of it. 🤗For anyone who aspires to work and live there, you are in for a good ride. 

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The Side of China You’ve Never Seen 😜

🥘 An ABSOLUTELY authentic street food tour in DEEP Sichuan by Food Ranger. Kudos to Food Rangers who opened up the door for many people to see the REAL Sichuan food! 

🇨🇳 Whenever we posted pictures about Suzhou on Instagram, there are always people asking: where is it? It looks SO beautiful! Well, if there’s a fairytalelike place in China, it’s gotta be Suzhou. I’ve discovered this Suzhou video online, and it almost made me cry! 

Jobs in China 💼

[Online] Part-time Teaching Job (Job Link) 📍Remote

Working as an online teacher for the world’s leading AI-driven education technology company in China. 

[Office-based] Video Recording English Teacher (Job Link) 📍Beijing

Participating in video recording for courses and improvement in curriculum and class performance. 

[Public School] High School Teacher (Job Link) 📍Jiangsu

Free accommodation & airfare reimbursement. 

[International Division] High School Math Teacher (Job Link) 📍Suzhou 

Subject: Mathematics; Curriculum: A-Level; Attend the CIE Examination.

>> For more jobs, visit Teaching in China Job Board.

More teaching jobs coming soon in June. Stay tuned.

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