5 May, 2020

Zoe Liang - Panda Buddy - Teaching in China

By Zoe Liang

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Hope you are staying safe and healthy at this moment. 

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What’s Life Like in China Now? 🤔

🎓 Coronavirus: Chinese school gives pupils a hat tip to teach them how to keep their distance. It might seem absurd in some people’s eyes, but it’s working quite well to keep students safe.

🇨🇳 Beijing started in March to quarantine all travellers from overseas, including Chinese citizens, at designated locations for 14 days. Sources for TheStar News said that Beijing may ease quarantine rules as early as Thursday.

😷 China was first in but also first out of the mess that is the world right now. A lot has changed in these past two months. Two expats in China, one from Beijing, one from Shenzhen recorded their life on YouTube, giving us an update about what life is like now in those two metropolitan cities. This is a silver lining for all of us to see while still in lockdown mode.

Jobs in China 💼

> There is some bad news going on about the current world economy. On the other hand, the good news is that there’s still high demand in China for qualified teachers, so if your plan is to teach in China, you will still be able to find yourself a decent job. 

> To make sure that all jobs on our job board are current (i.e., truly in hiring mode), we have been reaching out and reviewing the job listings on our job board on a regular basis. We are hoping to increase more reputable and well-paid jobs in the coming months. 

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We are always looking to improve, so please, if you have any suggestions or specific topics you’d like to learn more about, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I will read every single one and reply to them. My email address is zoe@pandabuddy.net.

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Zoe Liang

Panda Buddy 

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