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7 Must-Know Online Chinese Translation Tools

Looking for online Chinese translation tools while traveling or living in China?

Thanks to technologies, we can travel and work in another country with more confidence. All you need to do is to download them to your phone! 

Here are the 7 online English (or any other language) to Chinese translation tools you’ll find useful while in China:

Google Translate

Chinese English Translation Tool: Three-Gorges-Museum

The Google Translate app is a wonderful option for those living or traveling to China because Chinese is one of the more than one hundred languages available for translation.  

Everyone can either type what they need into the translate box, or they can even speak it or have someone else speak it for translation.  

The best part of this app is that everyone can also take a photo of what they need to be translated, which is perfect for those restaurant menus when it is time to eat.  

Note: you might need a VPN in order to use Google in China

iTranslate Voice 3

Chinese English Translation Tool: iTranslate Voice 3

When a person uses iTranslate Voice 3, they can easily speak into this app and it will talk back with that same information in the language that is needed.

This makes it easy for people to carry on conversations because the person who does not speak Chinese will not need to attempt to speak it right away.  

Instead, they can listen to it and learn over time.  The best part about this app is that two people can connect their devices together so that the can carry on a conversation much easier.  

Trip Lingo

Chinese English Translation Tool: Trip Lingo

Trip Lingo is an all in one app that does much more than translate what a person is hearing.  

With this app, everyone can also convert currency, test their knowledge with flashcards and quizzes, learn about the local culture, and even get a head start on the local slang.  

Baidu Translate

Chinese English Translation Tool: Baidu Translate

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China equivalent to Google, so Baidu Translate is similar to Google Translate.  

Same with Baidu search engine, Baidu Translate also gained the advantage of being local and used by millions of Chinese people on a daily basis. Integrated with many other Chinese local apps, you will find Baidu Translate a convenient option for your daily life.   

Say Hi

Chinese English Translation Tool: Say Hi

Translating with Say Hi is as easy as speaking into a device and having the app translate what is being said.  

The app will not only speak the translation, it will also transcribe the message so that it can be read.

The best part about this app is that a person can choose the speed that the translated voice uses.  


Chinese English Translation Tool: HelloTalk

It’s essentially a language learning platform that connects you with native speakers around the globe, with built-in features such as grammar correction, translation, and speak selection (select the text to pronounce).

It’s also a social app so you can make local friends while exchanging the language!  

Lingo Personal Translator

Chinese English Translation Tool: Lingo Personal Translator

The Lingo Personal Translator cannot be downloaded since it is a separate device, but it is so helpful for those who are trying to have a conversation with someone!  

This device allows people to converse with each other in their native languages, while it takes care of the translation for smoother conversation flow.  


These are the seven best online translation tools that people can use to translate from Chinese to English, and vice versa.  

They are perfect for those who want to live in or travel to China, and even for those who just want to learn this fascinating language.  

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