8 Best Overseas Jobs for Americans

Working overseas? Not as difficult as you might think

Sometimes, staying in the same job in America can be a stressful life and the wanderlust is far too strong to resist. There is a desire in you to leave everything behind to explore the world, one corner at a time. It’s like a siren’s song, you have to follow it.

However, establishing in a new country that’s totally different from America is not as easy as some films might portray. It requires stability, the one that can only be provided by a steady income.

But how to get a job abroad?

What are the best sources for finding international jobs for Americans? Check the following eight options, all sorted within categories according to topic and expertise. You decide what suits your talents and interests. 

Tourism & Hospitality


Many countries make a living out of their booming tourism industry, meaning there is a steady demand for jobs within that field. 

Armed with your English skills and your desire to explore your host country’s culture, any of these jobs will prove to be fulfilling, both financially and culturally.

8. Hotel & Resort jobs

During peak seasons, many hostels, hotels, and resorts require seasonal hiring to deal with the massive influx of tourists. Lucky for you, most establishments prefer people with high English skills.

Receptionist work, cooking duty, and cleaning routines are activities you may have to perform, but the plus side is the thriving cultural environment. 

If you would like to get to know the city and people from all over the world, this might be the dream job for you.

7. Join a Cruise Ship

Who says working overseas cannot be taken literally

Traveling through the sea means each ship must provide all the services their guest would be able to get on land. Odds are you have at least one of the abilities on demand for cruises, so applying would allow you to earn a living while exploring the world. 

While cruise jobs are on high demand, speaking English grants you an advantage many others don’t enjoy, so give it a go and enjoy!

Health & Humanitarian Aid


Few things are as universal as wellbeing. 

You can support struggling countries by aiding and providing for those in need. One of the best ways to do so is, of course, enrolling in humanitarian jobs. You get paid for your services, while changing the world for the better.

6. Work alongside NGOs 

Working with Non-Governmental Organizations and non-profit institutions does not grant a luxurious lifestyle. However, if you are committed to a particular cause, this type of job will enrich you in more ways than one.

The best part? There are NGOs for everythingEven better, NGOs need English-speaking staff to guarantee stable communication and reduce the language bridge, and almost every field is required, IT, political science, agriculture, finances, and more.

5. Healthcare

Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are in demand everywhere. If your calling is providing and assisting in healthcare, you will be pleased to know your job knows no boundaries. 

American citizens are always an asset, both because of their language and skills. While you can start your duty as a volunteer, you can always turn your activity into a paid job. 

You don’t even need to be on the medical field to assist, as they often require other experts as well.

Technology & Communication


The rise of the information and communication technologies (ICT) has created a new plethora of job opportunities that are practically universal.

Whether you remain in the US or travel across the sea, you almost have a job guaranteed if you specialize in tech and communication, whether in a company or as a digital nomad.

4. Journalism and Blogging

While freelancing jobs can involve any field, it’s undeniable that journalism and blogging are, perhaps, some of the best ones to engage in while living overseas. 

Turn your experience into a work of art by reflecting it according to your talents—be it writing, photography, cinematography, modeling or any other medium.

With hard work (and some luck) you will find success through social media or freelancing markets—all while learning and enjoying your host country.

3. Tech jobs

Technology might be the one thing even more universal than English. Every country seeks to innovate themselves through tech development, and experts on the field are quite popular nowadays. 

Whether you are an engineer, a programmer, or perhaps an entrepreneur seeking the next investment, odds are your English skills and expertise will be applauded in any booming industry, either as a freelancer or as an employee.

Teaching & Childcare


Luckily, knowing English is an asset that never goes out of fashion. As the most universal of languages, people seek to learn it—through native speakers, of course. 

If you have a talent for teaching or handling kids, then perhaps this might be your calling overseas.

2. Au Pair

Similar to a nanny, but not quite. Comparable to a teacher, yet not completely. The au pair is, perhaps, one of the most popular job options for Americans overseas.

As an au pair, you will work with a family and look after the kids. The difference between an au pair and a regular nanny is that you will be required to teach them valuable intercultural values and, most importantly, English. 

You get paid in return, but also acquire a strong support system and the chance to explore and know the local culture.

1. Teaching English… In China! 

As you may have realized, having English as your mother tongue is an invaluable asset while trying to establish yourself in another country. Taking this into consideration is not a surprise that teaching English is the best job for American expats. 

While every single non-English speaking country benefits from English teachers, China stands out. 

With an impressive population and booming market, China’s desires to expand globally reflect in their interest towards English — native teachers are on-demand, and the job has incredible remuneration and benefits to consider, all while exploring a rich culture. 

You will need to fulfill some requirements — including a Bachelor’s degree and TEFL certification — but it is worth it.

Bottom line? The best job depends on you 

In all honesty, your skill set and interests will determine whether or not a particular job is the best one for you. Your talent is endless, and so is the list of possibilities available for you in every corner of the world. You can find more jobs here

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