How to prepare your work visa teaching in China?


Here is a list of documents you need in order to apply for the work z visa to teach in China:

  •  Degree certificate
  •  TEFL/CELTA/TESOL certificate (or can provide reference letters accumulating to two years’ experiences instead)
  • Background check
  • Passport scan
  • Headshot photo with white background
  • Physical Examination Form (x-ray and blood test is not necessary)

Important: from above list, degree (colour copy), TEFL/CELTA/TESOL (colour copy), and background check (original copy) need to be notarized, certified by home government body, and authenticated by Chinese embassy/consulate.


Your most important job is done once you’ve submitted your work visa application, the documents for work visa application are listed above. After that, you can come to China if you want to have a head start, or you can also wait in your home country until you get the work permit (if your starting date is still far away).

Check out below the visa flow to get a clear overview of the whole process!


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