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Best Places to Teach Abroad

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The 18 Best Places to Teach English Abroad in 2020

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If teaching English abroad is on your agenda, you may want to research more about the best places to go. While every single non-English speaking country requires experts in the English language, some of them offer more opportunities and privileges than others.

Check out the list below with the best places to teach English in different regions around the world.

Top 3 places to teach English in

Teach English Abroad in Asia: China

1. China

China is the one country that has a huge demand for English teachers, so teachers that are looking for a quick and easy entrance into the world of teaching abroad can usually find success there.  People can teach in many cities and towns, but the more popular ones include Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou

The locals in China are quite friendly and once a person earns their trust and loyalty, they are set for the duration of their stay and the future.  The locals contain a wealth of knowledge, especially when it comes to what to eat, where to visit, and what to do during those times when a teacher is not in school.  Those who choose to teach in this part of the world will find their minds opened with all the new destinations they can explore, as well as the delectable cuisine they get to try. 

Considering how well behaved and respectful the students in China are, the $1,250 to $2,850 monthly pay along with free housing will sound amazing to any teacher.  Add in the low cost of living in most places and the fact that many teachers can save quite a bit of their savings each month and a person has the dream job they have always desired. 

2. Japan

Japan is another highly populated country, just like China, so it shouldn’t surprise many people that they too are almost always looking for teachers. Some people are concerned of where they will end up, especially if they do not want to be anywhere other than a big city.  However, there are plenty of teaching positions throughout the country of Japan, including many in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe. 

Culture is everywhere in Japan and teachers will find themselves spending their free time exploring the Shinto shrines before venturing over to the Shogun castles and even the hot springs. 

The average salary in Japan is between $1,500 and $2,500 and some schools will either provide free housing or a stipend to cover most of the rent.  While the cost of living in Japan is higher than some of the other Asian countries, it is possible for teachers to eventually save some of their income. 

3. South Korea

Certified teachers are now in high demand in South Korea, thanks to the country’s technological advanced economy.  This country is currently the one hiring the most teachers in the entire world, so finding a job there can be fairly easy for qualified individuals. 

This country is considered small, when compared to many other countries in the world, and that makes it easy to explore on a teacher’s time off.  A teacher can choose to hike the trails in the mountains, ski those same mountains in the winter, visit the surrounding islands, and even visit a nearby country or two via a short plane ride. 

The monthly salary in South Korea is between $1,850 and $2,500, which is excellent considering their low cost of living.  A teacher can easily save at least half of their salary if they are careful, especially since their housing is included in their salary.

>> Best Places to Teach English in Asia

Top 3 places to teach English in

Teach English Abroad in Asia: Vietnam

4. Indonesia

Some people discount Indonesia right away in their search for a teaching job abroad because they don’t want to worry about which one of the seventeen thousand plus islands they will end up on. 

However, most teachers end up in the more populated areas of the country, where they can surf, watch the wildlife, and visit the temples in their downtime.

There are many private language institutions that teachers can work in Indonesia, and while some teachers will find themselves working with young children, others will only work with adults.  

The salary in this country is excellent due to the low cost of living. Most teachers will make between $1,000 and $1,500 per month, in some cases, they will also have a housing allowance and extra benefits that include health insurance.

5. Cambodia

There are plenty of places to teach in Cambodia, both large cities and smaller towns, and teachers will find that they can explore them all if they choose the right teaching location. 

This country is full of history, which is perfect for those who long to learn more about the culture and traditions of the locals.

As it is, the pay varies depending on where a person is teaching. Phnom Penh pays the most at $10 to $14 per hour, while Siem Reap and Sihanoukville is much less.  However, it does not cost much to live in this part of the world, so as long as a teacher is careful with their earnings, they will be able to live comfortably. 

6. Vietnam

People are deciding that Vietnam is one of the better places to teach lately, due to the phenomenal culture, the beautiful weather, and the abundance of markets. 

Teachers must have their Bachelor’s Degree, as well as a TEFL certificate before they will even be considered for a position in this country.

It is super easy to find jobs in the larger cities of this country and the highest paying ones require CELTA certification. Many teachers will choose the language schools, despite the fact that their hours are spread out between weekdays and weekends. The reason for that is that those schools often offer incentive packages that include relocation, completion allowances, and overtime pay. 

Teachers who are just starting out should expect to earn $800 per month, while those with more experience and extra certification will receive between $1,200 and $1,800 per month. 

The cost of living is low in this country, so teachers can potentially save approximately a third to half of their income each year. (Comparing to China)

Top 3 places to teach English in

Teach English Abroad in Middle East

7. Saudi Arabia

A lot of teachers are nervous about even thinking about considering teaching over in Saudi Arabia, due to the strict rules that everyone must follow when living there.  While that may pose a problem for certain people, others may see it as a breath of fresh air and welcome the challenge it presents.  Of course, it helps that the level of qualifications is less in this country than many of the others. 

Teachers who choose to spend time in this country will find that they have plenty to do.  Whether they hike along sand dunes or on the mountain trails, snorkel in the Red Sea, or visit many of the ancient mosques. 

The cost of living in Saudi Arabia is a little higher than other countries, but that doesn’t mean that teachers cannot save a good portion of their monthly salary.  Currently, teachers are earning between $1,500 and $3,000 per month and housing is often included for free or additional money is given for rent. 

8. The UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) have become synonymous with opulence and luxury, so it’s no wonder this nation has become a top destination for expats seeking to settle and prosper.

One of the undeniable advantages of teaching English in the UAE is the high pay. With an estimated monthly income ranging from $2,400 to $5,500 tax-free, the demand for English teaching in this country has skyrocketed. Benefits often include housing, flights, and health insurance.

The requirements, on the other hand, tend to be the usual ones: a certificate for teaching English, bachelor’s degree, and previous experience. However, odds are they might be more demanding, and require a Master’s Degree, or a teaching license from an English-speaking country.

9. Dubai

Due to the high-class feel of Dubai, along with the shopping opportunities, restaurants serving delicious cuisine, and the natural surroundings, finding a teaching position is not that easy in Dubai.

While in Dubai, teachers can see some amazing architecture, like that of the Burj Khalifa, and explore the desert via a 4×4 or a hot air balloon.  Rest and relaxation can be found at Jumeirah Beach and shopping is best done at The Dubai Mall. 

The teaching standards in Dubai are high and teachers are normally expected to have a degree, TEFL certification, teaching experience, and citizenship from a country that allows them to be a native English speaker.  The current monthly salary is between $1,800 and $5,000 per month and includes benefits for accommodations. 

Top 3 places to teach English in

Teach English Abroad in Eastern Europe: Czech Republic

10. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic can be found near the center of Central Europe, which makes it the perfect destination for those who want to travel extensively around that continent. However, everyone will want to explore this little gem of a country first, since it is packed full of hidden passages, cobblestone streets, and unique architecture. 

Teachers are required to have a college degree, as well as TEFL certification to teach in the Czech Republic. Those who have prior teaching experience will receive preferential treatment over those that do not.

Most of the public schools are within smaller towns, and that is where most of the jobs are located. The easiest job for people to get is one in the numerous private schools. Those schools offer convenient hours, which means extra time for exploring.

The pay rate is between $1,000 and $1,300 per month, which may not seem like a lot until a person remembers that the cost of living in this country is less than most of Europe. 

11. Poland

Teachers are always needed in Poland and a person can easily find work every year.  Most teachers are hired in the fall, but some are also hired in January.  Those looking for year-round assignments will want to look into the summer camp positions, but those fill quickly. 

While a person can teach anywhere in Poland, there is no limit to where they can visit when they are there.  Time away from school can be spent exploring areas like Masuria, Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Krakow. 

The current monthly salary in Poland for teachers is between $750 and $1,050.  The cost of living is quite high, so many teachers will find a roommate, usually another teacher, so that saving the slightest amount of money is possible when teaching in this part of the world. 

12. Hungary

There is a strong demand for teachers in Hungary, but obtaining a position is not always easy, especially in advance of a person’s arrival.  However, those who are willing to work hard once they arrive in this country will find that their chances are better than they thought.  

The best part about taking a leap of faith and teaching in Hungary is all the hidden jewels that a person gets to visit when they are there.  Budapest is an obvious choice, but teachers can also choose to visit Eger, Esztergom, and the charming town of Szentendre. 

The monthly salary of teachers in Hungary ranges between $600 and $900 and that does not include accommodations.  Therefore, saving money while teaching in Hungary is difficult, but the experiences a person gains can make up for the lack of money in the bank. 

Top 3 places to teach English in

Teach English Abroad in Western Europe: Italy

13. Italy

Everyone loves Italy, after all, there’s pizza, wine, and gorgeous countrysides just waiting to be explored.  This is a highly sought country for travelers, so it shouldn’t be surprising that many people wishing to teach abroad would choose this part of the world as well. 

When teachers are not in the classroom, they will have ample time to wander around the country.  While Rome is a major destination in Italy, most people will also choose to venture over to Naples, Pisa, Pompeii, Tuscany, and Venice.  Of course, there are numerous other countries just a short plane ride away, so many teachers will also choose to see most of them while teaching in this country. 

The downside of teaching in this country is that there is little chance that a person can save any money from their salaries.  Currently, teachers are earning between $900 and $1,500 per month and that does not include accommodations. 

14. France

France is another country this is currently in high demand when it comes to teachers looking for positions abroad.  The rules are different in this country than many others, so it is harder for non-EU teachers to find teaching positions.  However, those that do find a position quickly see their dreams coming true. 

Over in France, teachers have a plethora of things to see and do when they are not teaching.  While exploring Paris is the one thing that comes to many peoples’ minds, teachers can also choose to Nice, Cannes, Burgundy, and the Loire Valley. 

The current salary in France is $800 to $1,800 per month and that does not include accommodations.  Due to the higher cost of living in this country, a teacher will find that they are just breaking even and cannot put any money into their savings.  However, some teachers decide to room with other teachers, so they can all set some money aside. 

15. Spain

Bustling city streets, gorgeous countryside, and even some incredible beaches will draw many to Spain for teaching

The best part is that those from the United States can learn how to speak Spanish while they are there, and then use those new skills when they return home. 

Teachers can either work in a public or private school, but unless a person is a resident of the European Union, it is almost impossible to get hired at any of the public schools. Everyone will need a college diploma and a TEFL certificate is helpful prior to the job search.

Those teachers who gain employment through a program will find themselves earning between $800 and $1,100 per month. Private school teachers are paid between $1,700 and $2,250 per month. The hours are low for each option with the former being twelve to sixteen hours per week and the latter being twenty-five hours per month. 

This salary will allow people to live well in Spain if they are careful with their spending. However, many teachers will do private lessons for some extra cash, which usually comes in between $17 and $22.50 per hour.

Top 3 places to teach English in

Teach English in Mexico
Teach English Abroad in South America

16. Chile

Natural beauty is everywhere, and a person doesn’t need to go too far from major cities like Santiago and Valparaiso to see it all.  The terrain in this country is quite diverse and a person can explore all 2,400 miles of it during their free time. 

Most teachers spend approximately twenty to twenty-five hours in the classroom each week, so that leaves plenty of time to ski the Chilean Andes, visit the vineyards, and experience the dry heat of the Atacama Desert. 

The monthly salary for teachers in Chile is $750 to $1,000 and that doesn’t include accommodations.  Most teachers find that it is almost impossible to set any money aside for savings, unless they room with other teachers. 

17. Mexico

Culture and diversity are everywhere in Mexico, which is why so many people are intrigued by the possibility of teaching abroad down there.  Most of the teaching positions are available in larger cities that include Puebla, Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Puerto Vallarta. 

Since a teacher only spends approximately twenty-five hours in the classroom each week in Mexico, they will have plenty of time to explore the entire country.  Mayan ruins can be found in Tulum, the best beaches are in Acapulco, and shopping is best experienced at the street vendors in Mexico City. 

Speaking Spanish is a plus for a job in this country, only because it makes communicating a little easier.  Plus, people will improve their Spanish speaking skills, which looks amazing on resumes for future positions. 

Accommodations are not included in the salary of teachers in Mexico, which currently ranges between $500 and $800 per month.  Saving is not easy in this country, since the cost of living is high enough to use up a teacher’s paycheck. 

18. Costa Rica

Lush rainforests, intriguing wildlife, and soft sandy beaches are awaiting teachers in Costa Rica.  This is a highly sought-after destination in South America, due to the warm weather, amazing sights, and the friendly locals and their hospitality. 

When teachers are not in their classrooms, they will love spending time on any of the numerous beaches, ziplining through the forests, venturing closer to a volcano than they thought possible, and wandering through a mangrove forest.  People can also go whale watching or see the sights of the country during a hot air balloon ride. 

The average monthly salary for teachers in Costa Rica is between $700 and $900 and accommodations are not included with the pay.  The cost of living is quite low in this part of the world, but a person will still practically break even and won’t be able to save hardly any money at all. 


The world is far too beautiful not to explore it. When wanderlust overcomes your senses, it might be the encouragement you need to leave the safety of home and explore the unknown.

If you would like to have a stable source of income wherever we travel to, teaching English abroad is for you.

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