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Teaching Opportunities in China: ESL Teachers in High Demand

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Finding a good teaching opportunity in China is not as hard as you might think. China has an increasing need for English speakers to come with its growing economy as well as its role in the global world. As a result, the emphasis on English education has been rising. 

To take a more holistic view, there are mainly five educational institutions that need ESL teachers:  

teaching opportunities in China

Public Schools

English is the mandatory subject in China’s public schools. They are run fairly well when it comes to organization. You will find that you will have between 30 and 60 students in your classroom and you will be able to teach mostly what you want.

The one thing that seems to be an issue in these schools is that some students are ready to learn English, while others just see it as a class that they need to take.

Private Schools

In fact, there aren’t many private schools in China. More specifically, private schools are for the elite in the Chinese society, but it doesn’t mean these children are better in terms of academic achievements.

Comparing to public schools, private schools generally have better facilities, smaller class sizes, and more freedom for the ESL teachers to teach what they want in each class, as teachers are more encouraged to adapt the lessons to suit the students.

Language institutions

English institutes cater to students who want to learn the English language after their normal school hours. 

This type of position will allow you to really get to know the locals in the area that you will be living in. Your students and colleges will willingly teach you their traditions, cultures, and even language in return for you spending time teaching them what they need to know in the English language.

International Schools

An international school is going to be a mixture of both Chinese students from more well-off families and non-Chinese students who happen to live in the country. These types of positions are more challenging to get, but the rewards are amazing, as are the benefits.


Nowadays, English education has become so important that it’s even the mainstream in kindergartens in China, therefore driving a huge demand for foreign English teachers who can nurturing the young minds.


Depending on the universities and majors, English could be either mandatory or non-mandatory subject. Teaching English to university students is another level of challenge, as most students will have already studied English for years, and are looking to further improve their speaking and writing skills. It could a small-sized class of 5~10, or a large-sized lecture of 30~80. 

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