Guangzhou Overview

There are many cities around the world known for being busy trade destinations and Guangzhou happens to be one of them. It’s the 3rd largest city in China, and one of the best connected to neighboring Hong Kong. It bears great similarities to Shanghai in that it’s contemporarily juxtaposed with historic elements. 

Despite the busyness within the trade area of this city, the rest of the streets have quite a different atmosphere, which is laidback and calm. Visitors can spend their time in this city exploring sights, both old and new, while admiring how past and current traditions and thoughts blend together seamlessly.  

Needless to say it’s a splendid city that foreigners tend to gravitate toward because it has the charm of China with the conveniences of the West. Teaching English in Guangzhou is going to be a great experience!

Teaching English in Guangzhou

A dream journey awaits in beautiful Guangzhou!

Facts About Guangzhou: Basic Stats

  • Population: 13 million
  • Public Transportation: the city is very well connected by public transportation; the train stations run trains between the city and most other major cities in China
  • Language: Mandarin, Cantonese
  • Climate: Subtropical
  • Expats: has one of the largest expat communities in China
  • Nightlife: limitless opportunities to go out to explore, check out the NightLife in Guangzhou for more inspirations
  • Food: a variety of delicacies and the most famous for Cantonese cuisines (e.g. Yum Cha!)

Life in Guangzhou

Enjoy the modern lifestyle while teaching in Guangzhou!

Living in Guangzhou: Cost of Living

  • A regular meal in a restaurant: 20 RMB – 50 RMB
  • Fruits for a week: 50 RMB
  • Dine out with friends: 50 – 100 RMB
  • Public transport (bus or train): 2 RMB (one -way); monthly pass (190 RMB)
  • Taxi: Start (normal tariff) 12 RMB, 1km (normal tariff) 2.6 RMB
  • Movie ticket: 50 RMB
  • Drinking outside: 10 RMB per beer; 50 RMB – 100 RMB spirit
  • Average monthly salary: RMB 6,000 – RMB 9,000

Data from Numbeo.

Things to Do in Guangzhou

Paradise on the Pearl River

In Guangzhou, the weather is warm and temperate. On the Pearl River, it makes for a scenic and somewhat tropic setting. Guangzhou is a very green place with trees, shrubs, and flowering bushes at almost every turn.

Cantonese Cuisine

Another reason to visit Guangzhou is for the chance to taste Cantonese cuisine

One of the most famous dishes everyone will insist you try is baiqie chicken, which is simply boiled in water. Once finished, it’s garnished with ginger, green onions, and a drizzle of cooked peanut oil. 

Whole roasted suckling pig is another winner on the Guangzhou culinary tour of foods to try.

Great for families

Chimelong is the main theme park here and it offers a robust selection of fun for everyone. The Chimelong Safari Park is one of the best zoos you’ll find in the mainland. It’s exceptionally maintained and on weekdays, it’s not very crowded. The other Chimelong attractions include a circus, an amusement park and a water park, are all worth visiting too. 

Night time if fun

And without kids, night time is a splendid time in Guangzhou. 

Unlike other cities in China, Guangzhou natives are really all about having fun. They like to go out at night, listen to music and enjoy living life, which may be why this city has such a vibrant culture all its own. 

Take a dinner cruise on the Pearl River, catch a Cantonese opera, or hop around the many bars and clubs all over the city. It is impossible not to find something fun.

Take care of business

It’s a big commodity manufacturing city, one that is home to the Canton Fair. 

Plus, there is a US Embassy here should you need to handle documents. It’s where you go if you marry a Chinese spouse and want to apply for their immigrant visa.

Guangzhou is an incredibly likable city, one that has big city style yet offers a more laid back charm than Shanghai.

Typical Teaching Jobs in Guangzhou


  • Have Obtained a Bachelor Degree
  • Passport Holders Of United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand Or South Africa
  • The Ability To Obtain A Clear Background Check
  • Teaching Experience Is Preferred But Not Required 

Salary & Benefits

  • Monthly salary: 10,000 RMB ~ 18,000 RMB
  • Accommodation support (provided or allowances)
  • Flight reimbursement
  • Work visa support
  • Cultural and social activities
  • Career progression opportunities
  • Local support

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Teaching English in Guangzhou

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