Nanjing Overview

Teaching English in Nanjing has become more popular now. It has a great mixture of modern and traditional, with convenient amenities and historical sites. The expat community here is small compared to other cities but it’s growing fast.

Many people use Nanjing as a stopover destination as they are traveling between Shanghai and Beijing. However, this fabulous city never fails to impress when it comes to culture, that it needs to make its way to the top of everyone’s travel itinerary when they are visiting China.

Beauty is everywhere in the city of Nanjing, especially within the numerous temples and parks. There is so much for people to see and learn! Here is a simple guide for you if you ever considered teaching and living in Nanjing.

Teaching English in Nanjing

A dream journey awaits in beautiful Nanjing!

Facts About Nanjing: Basic Stats

  • Population: 8.3 million
  • Public Transportation: 1 international airport, 9 metro lines, flexible buses taking you anywhere in the city, more than 20,000 taxies, convenient rental cars, 10 ferry lines (7 regular and 3 tourism)
  • Language: Mandarin, Local Directs  
  • Climate: 4 distinct seasons   
  • Expats: growing community
  • Nightlife: vibrant nightlife with a wide range of bars and clubs to choose from
  • Food: belongs to Jiangsu Cuisine, great color matching featuring river fish/shrimp and duck

Living in Nanjing: Cost of Living

  • A regular meal in a restaurant: 10 RMB – 20 RMB
  • Fruits for a week: 50 RMB
  • Dine out with friends: 50 RMB – 100 RMB
  • Public transport (bus): 2 RMB for a one-way ticket, 100 RMB for a monthly pass  
  • Taxi: Start (normal tariff) 11 RMB, 1km (normal tariff) 2.95 RMB  
  • Movie ticket: 35 RMB
  • Drinking outside: 10 RMB for domestic beer, 20 RMB for imported beer  
  • Average monthly salary: RMB 3,000 – RMB 5,000

Nanjing has a great mixture of modern and traditional, with convenient amenities and historical sites. The expat community here is small compared to other cities but it’s growing fast.

Things to Do in Nanjing

Visit the Presidential Palace

While this has not been the Presidential Palace for quite some time, since the capital of China moved, it is still filled with an abundance of history.  This palace is now a museum where visitors can learn about this country, or at least what has happened since the end of World War II. Unfortunately, everything is documented in Chinese, but an easy to use translating app can solve that issue for many people!  

Visit the Nanjing Museum

This museum can be found within the Zhongshan Gate and the museum is comprised of seventy thousand square meters of space in all.  That makes it one of the largest museums within the country. There are currently approximately four hundred thousand items within the museum’s collection and some of them are the most famous items in all of China.

Visit the Confucius Temple

Almost everyone has heard about Confucius, so that should make this the number one stop on most people’s list.  The original temple was destroyed during the war, but it has obviously been rebuilt so everyone can honor and worship Confucius once again.  

Visit the China Gate

This gate is from the ancient city and it is considered the most complex structure in the entire world.  The China Gate happens to look like an urn, which may be why it was called the Urn Gate for quite some time.  

Typical Teaching Jobs in Nanjing


  • Have Obtained a Bachelor Degree
  • Passport Holders Of United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand Or South Africa
  • The Ability To Obtain A Clear Background Check
  • Teaching Experience Is Preferred But Not Required 

Salary & Benefits

  • Monthly salary: 10,000 RMB ~ 18,000 RMB
  • Accommodation support (provided or allowances)
  • Flight reimbursement
  • Work visa support
  • Cultural and social activities
  • Career progression opportunities
  • Local support

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Teaching English in Nanjing

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