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TEFL is in high demand in China

With its rapid growing economy, China has a lot of opportunities for people who are seeking a TEFL position. Whether you are a certified teacher, or just recently graduated from university, there are positions tailored to your profile.

With over 300 school partners in China across 30+ cities, Panda Buddy connects you with reputable employers that provide you with great salary package, trainings, and local support.

Latest TEFL positions in China

Suzhou, English Teacher at Public School, 10 Vacancies 

Shenzhen, English Teacher at Public School, 20 Vacancies

Beijing, Englishe Teacher at Kindergartens, 20 Vacancies 

Chongqing, English Teacher at Language Institutes, 10 Vacancies 

Hangzhou, English Teacher at Public Schools, 10 Vacancies

Hangzhou, Englishe Teacher at Language Institutes, 10 Vacancies 

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Requirements to teach TEFL in China

  • Native speaker from United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand or South Africa;
  • Have obtained a Bachelor degree (no specific field required);
  • A 120-hour TEFL certificate (can be obtained after interview);
  • Able to obtain clean police check;
  • Able to work and live in China for at least one year.

Teaching in China Requirements

Teacher salary & cost of living in China

The salary for TEFL teachers in China is ranging from RMB 10,000 ~ RMB 24,000 (1,500 USD ~ 3,486 USD) per month, plus accommodation allowances. 

Depending on which cities you live in, Chinese locals live off an average 2,500 RMB ~ 5,000 RMB per month, that includes grocery shopping, dinning out a few times a week, drinking and KTV sessions with friends, transportation to work and taking taxi or Didi (the Chinese version of Uber) here and there, going for a spa or massage once a week, etc. 

The average TEFL teacher can live a comfortable life with 5,000 ~ 6,000 RMB, and in cities that are not Beijing, Shanghai, or Shenzhen, the money can go much further.

Cost of Living in China

Where to teach in China

You’ve most likely heard of the biggest cities like Shanghai and Beijing, but they are not completely representative of China. More and more potential teachers are choosing other alternatives than these two metropolitan cities.

When you decide where to teach TEFL in China, a lot of things come into play when making such decision, cost of living, weather, population, food, pollution etc. But the most important factor is probably more on an individual level: are you a big city person, or prefer small places? Are you interested in cultures and languages? Do you prefer nature or city more? Answering these questions can already help you make the right decision for yourself.

City Guides in China

How it Works?

Providing Whole Journey Support to Qualified Candidates for Free

Once qualified for a TEFL position, your entire application process will be assisted by a dedicated Placement Success Manager.

step 1 - submit your application

Step 1: Submit Application

Get started by submitting your online application, we will match you with the best suited position based on your qualification and preferences.

step 2 - interview with the school

Step 2: Interview with School

The school will be in touch shortly (usually within 1~3 business days) to arrange an interview. It’s time to let your best self shine!

Step 3: get hired

Step 3: Get hired

Once you pass the interview, you will receive a contract and the school will guide you through your onboarding process (visa, flight, training, etc.).   

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