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CELTA is a certificate in English language teaching to adults, or what nowadays is referred to as the certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages.  

Anyone who takes the CELTA courses will find that their coursework is tedious and difficult, leaving them little time to do anything else but attend class, do their homework, and study.  A CELTA course still has the same one hundred and twenty hours of class time with six hours of student teaching, but the full-time classes are completed in four weeks.

CELTA courses are pricey, with some of them being way more expensive than the TEFL courses.  The hefty price tag is due to the international recognition of this course, as it is part of Cambridge University.  That means that a person with a CELTA certification on their resume may get bumped a little higher up the list than everyone else.  

However, everyone must remember that this is a class geared towards teaching adults.  Anyone who plans on teaching children while in another country will definitely want the TEFL instead.

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