1. Word limit for Job Title: 150 Characters 

Each job listing’s job title is limited to 150 characters to prevent one single job listing taking space of others.

2. Write informative job descriptions

Include detailed information about the job opening that you are hiring in order to attract potential candidates, information to include: job responsibilities, hours, salary, benefits etc.

✓ Sample job description:   https://pandabuddy.net/jobboard/job/beijing-abc-training-school/

3. Clarify the location of your open job 

✗ “Multiple locations in China”

✓ “Beijing”, “Shanghai”, “Xi’an”

4. Do not post duplicated job listings

You CAN post multiple job listings, but each listing needs to be a unique job opening; there will be a manual approval process to make sure there are no duplicated job listings 

5. No contact information or link is allowed in the job listings

Our online application form is standardised to optimise the experience for both schools and candidates.  Employers will receive email instantly once an application is submitted, and can also log in to the platform to view all applications. 

6. Image uploading rules

It’s recommended to upload at least one image to your job listing to attract more attention  and trust from potential candidates. You CAN upload multiple images per listing. 

7. Regarding  job expiration

All job listings will expire automatically after 30 days, you can renew the job listing by creating a new job listing via Post A Job Link, or email us at zoe@pandabuddy.net informing that you’d like to renew for another month. This is to ensure all job listings on our site are indeed currently hiring. 

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