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Frequently Asked Questions

Panda Buddy connects schools and institutes in China with potential candidates via our job placement service and job board. Our mission is to help people live fulfilling and exciting lives teaching in China and help educational organisations in China succeed.

Panda Buddy is an international platform and we reach our audiences via our website, social media, newsletters, and partnerships with other organisations. 

ESL teachers and aspiring graduates who are interested in teaching English in China. 

Job postings are open to both schools/institutes who have seasonal demand for hiring foreign teachers, as well as staffing agencies who hire teachers all year around.   

To make sure our job postings are good quality for applicants, we review each job posting before they go live. It usually takes about 1 day before you see your job live. We are always approachable via email team@pandabuddy.net if you have any questions. 

If you’d like to talk to us before posting a job, get in touch with us at team@pandabuddy.net. 

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