China Travel Guide

Travelling in China For the Fist time?

The vast and beautiful lands of China make a great place to visit or even start life over as an expat. Whether you’re all in for making it your new home or just want to see the sights, this China Travel Guide for Beginners will help you make the most of your time on the mainland, whether it’s a brief sojourn or something long-term.


Best Time to Visit China

Planning your first visit to China? You’ll find the best times to visit, as far as the weather is concerned is in spring and autumn. The weather during these times tends to be better for exploring China’s most revered landmarks.

As China is quite large and spans different terrains, the weather can be quite different from one location to the next. This is a rough guide of the average weather you can expect in each season:

Travel in Spring in China

Spring in China (March – May)

Most of the country is warm and at a comfortable temperature. Nature comes into full bloom and you can experience the cherry blossoms at peak. In the south though, the rains will start to come, however they create some glorious views in many places, such as the Li River in Guilin. For a drier spring experience, stay in the north.

Travel in Summer in China

Summer in China (June – August)

Weather is hot across the country, particularly in the south, and no place is safe from summer rains. However, the tourist sights and access to hiking and outdoor activities becomes more abundant. You’ll have more crowds to contend with as families with school-age children will also be traveling. Typhoons may be common for the southern cities along the coast, like Shenzhen or Guangzhou, so always have a backup plan and prepare for delays.

Travel in Autumn in China

Fall in China (September – November)

Temperatures start cooling off, making for pleasant outdoor experiences. With kids back in school and the main festivals a way’s off, it’s a better travel time. In the north, things turn cold in November so pack accordingly.

Travel in Winter in China

Winter in China Winter (December – February)

If you don’t mind the cold or the snow up north, winter is a wonderful time to visit. Places like Harbin and Pingyao are fascinating when blanketed in snow. Travel tends to be cheaper at this time until just before the Chinese New Year. Traveling during the holiday usually results in delays, crowds, and stress so plan ahead.

Chinese festivals: dragon-boat-festival

Festivals in China

Festivals are also a good reason to visit any time of year. Although the crowds can be intense, the holidays are a wonderful way to explore Chinese culture. Chinese New Year is the biggest one. It goes by the lunar calendar so it could be in late January or February. Most things close for the holiday so coming during this time is best if you have Chinese friends who will invite you along. Keep reading to explore more about the festivals of China to decide when to come!

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Major Cities To Visit in China

If you imagine China as a place of remote villages, you’re not entirely wrong, but you’re not entirely right either. China’s major cities are a force to be reckoned with, and they keep getting more and more exciting. If you want to live and work in China or just stick to an easier itinerary, you can’t go wrong with the major cities of China.

Here are the 4 biggest cities in China:

Teach English in Beijing


Teach English in Shanghai


Teach English in Shenzhen


guangzhou, biggest city in China, city in China


Best Cities to Visit in China

Just because a city is big doesn’t mean it’s the best to visit. If you’d like to explore China’s best sights and most famous offerings, you’ll want to see more than the major cities. This next list will give you an idea of what places must go on your itinerary.

Some of them are familiar from above, but others are a bit off the beaten path and worthy of exploring to get the full experience of China’s rich tapestry of history and culture.

Travelling in china is a big binus working and living in china

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Chinese Food Guide

If all this reading is making you hungry, then get ready to feast your eyes on the best foods of China. Each region has its own specialty, making for many great flavors to explore. It’s important to note that Chinese food isn’t like it is in the West but don’t let that hold you back. The authentic flavors are truly amazing!

Here’s what to eat:

Dim SumChinese Food Guide: 7 Must-Try DishesSpicy NoodlesChinese Food Guide: 7 Must-Try DishesHot PotChinese Food Guide: 7 Must-Try DishesPeking DuckChinese Food Guide: 7 Must-Try Dishes

Interesting Things to Do in China

Whatever city you’re in, there will come a time when you’ve seen all the landmarks. Then what? The best thing to do is to try out some of the things that will put you closer to Chinese culture.

street food in China, travel in China

Get street food

Every city has street food vendors as far as the eye can see. Stand in line at the busiest one for the best quality and the best sampling of local fare.

market in China, travel in China

Check out the markets

The outdoor markets of fruits, vegetables, and handicrafts are always fun to explore. The people are very friendly too!

try a sidecar ride in Beijing while travelling in China

Try a sidecar ride

In Beijing in particular, you can hop in an open-air sidecar to explore the city on the back streets. It’s a lot of fun, plus the guides can tell you much more about what you’re seeing.

Do Tai Chi in a local park while travelling in China

Do Tai Chi in a local park

Chinese people love to gather in the parks and enjoy the outdoors. Feel free to join them. They often do Tai Chi there too. It’s a great way to get your exercise. Make sure you get up early to catch it!

Get a massage while travelling in China

Get a massage

The art of Chinese massage is extraordinary. Especially for feet. Make sure you indulge in one, especially after all that sightseeing!

Catching a Chinese wedding while travelling in China

Catch a wedding

Chinese weddings are a big deal. With all the celebrating, you may be welcomed in as you walk by because you’re foreign! When you’re living in China a while, you’ll likely be invited to a wedding. Make sure you go – you’ll have fun!

Have hot pot with friends while travelling in China

Have hot pot with friends

We mentioned hot pot in our food section, but hot pot is more than food. It’s a way of life. There is nothing like gathering around a table for hours, leisurely eating hot pot together with plenty of beer and liquor to go around.

Try a traditional Chinese character painting class

Try a traditional Chinese character painting class

You can learn this ancient art, though if it’s too intimidating, you can always watch the experts and be amazed.

Make paper Cuts

Make paper cuts

During holidays, Chinese people hang red paper cuts in the windows. These are intricate and beautiful. You can learn how to make them yourself!

local concert while travelling in China

Listen to the music

Violin and piano lessons are incredibly popular in China. Look around your city and you may discover the chance to listen to it in concert.

Drink Tea in a t tea houses while travelling in China

Drink tea at tea houses

Tea is at huge part of Chinese culture. Visiting a tea house to experience it in a more in-depth way is a perfect way to enjoy any day!

Teaching in China Stories

Teach in China

Immerse yourself with local culture via teaching English! A lot of opportunities available for qualified candidates.

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Interesting Chinese Festivals

China has many fascinating festivals throughout the year. While they are amazing to be a part of, you should know that travel and seeing sights will be more crowded and difficult to navigate. If you’d prefer less crowds, schedule your visits around these holidays. If not, come and celebrate!

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