Can I Teach English in China Without Experience?

With the growing economy, there is also a growing demand for native English teachers in China. However, most people disqualify themselves too early because they do not have any teaching experience.

The truth is, even without teaching experience, you can still work in China as an English teacher. Sounds great right? But how?

Teach English in China Without Experience, How Is It Possible?

Since there is such a high demand for English teachers over in China, most schools and companies are quite happy to consider hiring a person who is a quick learner and willing to do what it takes to excel at the job.

In order to be qualified for a teaching position in China, you need the following items:

  1. Valid passport from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand
  2. Bachelor’s degree in any subject
  3. Passing the medical test
  4. Passing the criminal background check
  5. A TEFL certification (+120 hours)

These items will guarantee you a work visa in China working as an English teacher. As you can see, teaching experience is not a prerequisite, in fact, a lot of schools are happy to train you up for the job.

Here are some tips for first-time teachers to get a hang of finding a good teaching job in China:

TEFL Certification: Build the Foundation You Need for Teaching!


The TEFL certification mentioned above sometimes sounds like a deal-breaker to so many people, but it truly isn’t. In fact, this certification will easily provide you with the skills that you need to become an amazing English teacher in the field of Teaching English As A Foreign Language.

It does take time to earn this certification, but it is time well spent, especially if you have no teaching background.

The TEFL class is designed to have you learning more about teaching theory before you create your own class lesson plan and teach it to your classmates. This process will have you teaching in front of your peers, which will automatically make you feel more comfortable when you step into your own classroom filled with students.

Stand Out from the Competition: Craft Your Resume Carefully

The best thing about having everything that you need to teach English in China is that you probably have more useful skills than you think that you do! The jobs that you have worked at previously, as well as the schooling that you have completed, can give you plenty of experience for the teaching job!

As you are creating your resume for a teaching position in China, you should think of all those exciting things that you have done over the years.

Ask yourself these questions before saying that you have no experience:

  • Have you ever been a camp counselor?
  • Have you ever babysat other children?
  • Were you a private tutor in the past?
  • How about a youth group leader?
  • Did you lead a book club or another club?

All those things count as an experience when it comes to teaching English over in China, and provide you lots of evidence for being a good teacher in your interview.

Nail the Interview: Show Your Confidence and Capabilities


While your resume is going to sell you, to a point, you also need to be prepared for the interview process, as well as the demo class that you will need to do. It is during those times that you should always have a smile on your face, act in a friendly manner, display confidence, and always speak slowly and clearly.

Your demo class will either be in person or via a video that you do in advance and send over to a potential employer.  This is your time to shine and really let your outgoing personality come through!

Project your voice and add a little flair to your lessons. A potential employee will remember those things more than they will a teacher that is standing in front of a classroom of students and not doing anything more than talking in a monotone voice.

No Experience? Get Ready and Get Hired! 

Do not let any negative thoughts or misconceptions keep you from applying to become a teacher over in China.

You will be well respected as a teacher, and you can do so many positive things that will impact your students over there!

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