The 8 Best Apps to Learn Chinese (2020)

Did you know that you can rely on the best apps to learn Mandarin? In fact, you’ll find a wide selection of learning Chinese apps that will show you just how mobile the entire world is, particularly when it comes to learning a new language. Since you’ve got a lot of stuff to do and not a lot of time to fool around with inferior technology, you’ll find a list of the best apps to learn Chinese so that you can learn your new favourite language your way on your own schedule.

The 8 Best Apps to Learn Chinese in 2020

There are quite a few options out for a learn Mandarin app that is user-friendly and reliable, but we’ve taken the time to carefully put together this list of options that will show you the right way to look at learning your new language in such a way that will actually give you positive, long-term results.

1. ChineseSkill

Best Apps to Learn Chinese - ChineseSkill

Since learning is supposed to be fun, you can use this app to teach you how to speak Mandarin Chinese using games.  This is also a free app that is going to help you learn the basics of the language without having to invest money into it at first.  This uses an adorable panda that will help you stay on track, and all of your basics are covered, including colours, food and numbers.  If you know that you want to work and have fun while you’re doing it, this is the beginners app to rely on.

2. Skritter

Best Apps to Learn Chinese - Skritter

When you are looking for something speficially designed to help you learn Chinese writing (which can be hard for those who have never learned a new written language before), Skritter is a great resource.  It has a free trial period for a week so that you can make sure that you like what you’re learning.  From there, you can do a monthly or yearly fee to use it.  In this app, you’ll learn all of the popular characters and how to make them from scratch.  You’re truly learning the writing basics with this app.

3. HelloChinese

Best Apps to Learn Chinese - hellochinese

A combination of learning games and practical teaching methods, this is particularly useful when you want to join ChineseSkill with a little it of Memrise, for example.  You’ll have access to quite a few different options in the free version, and even more in the paid version. 

4. Hello Talk

Best Apps to Learn Chinese - hello talk

This is a truly innovative app that works specifically with WeChat (the Chinese version of WhatsApp, basically) and it is used for those who are looking to practice real situations where Chinese is critical.  This is best for those who have been learning Chinese for a while and simply want to get used to real life situation and conversations with people they don’t know.  Meant to match you with people nearby so that you can try out your language skills, this is great for really seeing what you know and don’t know on the go.

5. Rosetta Stone

Best Apps to Learn Chinese - Rosetta Stone

Well loved for its use in learning any language, this is a step by step program to help you find your way to better comprehension and knowledge without you ever having to leave the app. Offering you the stepping stones to give yourself a boost in the language your own way, this combines a little bit of everything.

6. Zizzle

Best Apps to Learn Chinese - zizzle

If you love story time, you’ll find that Zizzle is going to be able to offer you a little bit of everything.  This gives you an introduction to Chinese characters and other lessons, all done through memorable fun stories that can really add a whole new element to learning Chinese.

7. Pleco

Best Apps to Learn Chinese - Pleco

When you specifically want to have a dictionary close by, you’ll find that Pleco is a great, trustworthy option that is going to show you all of the best details with none of the work.  This dictionary works offline, and you’ll be able to have access to flashcards as well as audio pronunciation and even a handwriting recognizer so that you can practice or translate from the character that you’re looking at.

8. Memrise

Best Apps to Learn Chinese - Memerise

Great for vocabulary and learning at your own pace, this is a wonderful app to give you a boost when you need it.  If you want to learn at your own pace — fast or slow — and compete only with yourself, this is a wonderful vocabulary-centred app to try for Chinese.

Popular Online Chinese Courses  


online chinese course - fluentu

This is a great online Chinese course that is going to show you how to make the most out of your skills through immersive videos and other relatable content.  By focusing on drawing in content from all of your favourite categories (including ads and songs from Western cultures), you’ll be able to rely on this to give you the quick start to learning Mandarin Chinese.  It is designed to show you content you care about in a brand new language that will help you grab the basics that you need easier than ever.


online chinese course - chinesepod

This is an online podcast that will give you the ability to download lessons right to your phone and you can enjoy over 3 000 different options to choose from.  Each one of these lessons is going to take you 15-20 minutes, so this is helpful if you know that you only have short learning sessions available to you due to your schedule.  Plus, you can enjoy this on all of your favourite devices and it will work for your schedule and convenience in this way, too.

Yoyo Chinese

online chinese course - yoyo chinese

When you want a full immersion in all aspects of language, Yoyo Chinese specializes on a little bit of everything in terms of focus.   This is prefect for those that want a particularly practical way to approach learning a new language.  A great way to take a realistic approach to learning a new language as well.  When you need a little bit of everything that is going to show you quality results across the board, this is definitely the best option to help you out.

You don’t have to learn Mandarin Chinese the hard way anymore. You’ll be able to enjoy brand new methods that will help you to make the absolute most out of your entire process and you’ll be surprised at how much you actually learn along the way!

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