Experience a Different Type of Christmas in China

Christmas in China

You might wonder, as an expat in China, how would Chinese people celebrate Christmas every time this year?

Well, the answer is, most of the people who live in China do not celebrate Christmas.

But that doesn’t mean that you won’t capture the spirit of the season in the larger cities. As you wander through the streets of the bigger cities, you will notice all the commercialized aspects, which includes Christmas trees, light displays, and decorations. These items will mostly be found in the major department stores, where Christmas music will be playing over the loudspeakers.

Experience a Different Type of Christmas in China

It’s a festive season anyhow

You may even see some decorations pop up in local hotels, businesses, schools, and a few of the tourist attractions. While most Chinese do not celebrate Christmas, many of them will still gather with family and friends at this time of the year.

After all, the atmosphere is festive, and people want to celebrate together as often as they can!

Those who do celebrate Christmas in China will attend special church services. Christmas Eve offers choral performances, as well as dance and drama performances. You won’t see too many carolers out on the streets, but don’t worry, you might be invited to someone’s house to sing a few of the carols with the help of a karaoke machine!

Experience a Different Type of Christmas in China

Gather with other expats in China

Another wonderful way to experience the Christmas holiday in China is to visit one of the other expats who live there.

They normally decorate just as they would at home, which is possible in part with online shopping and having items shipped directly to them. These same people often host Christmas parties in their home, and if you are teaching in China, it is often acceptable to hold one of those same parties in the school where you teach.

Experience a Different Type of Christmas in China

Christmas gifting in China  

The locals do not traditionally hand out gifts for Christmas and any gifts that are given are normally opened right away instead of waiting for Christmas morning. The popular gift at this time of the year is an apple, and it is usually handed out on Christmas Eve.

Don’t’ skip it!

When you are in China for the Christmas season, you will not need to skip this amazing holiday at all!  A Christmas in China might not be exactly like it is back home, but you can still easily spend time with friends as you remember the true meaning of this day.

You can participate in all the fun mentioned above and you can even find a traditional Christmas dinner at some of the Western restaurants.

Afterall, Christmas in China is another unique experience in your life, isn’t it?

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