15 Benefits of Teaching English in China After College

Graduated from university and looking for next steps? Try thinking outside the box!

Students spend years in school and that is even before they make the choice to attend university to obtain their degree.

While many of those college students know what they want to major in, others have no idea of what they are going to use that degree for afterwards. In fact, quite a few students have no clue what they are going to do for a job after graduation.

Thankfully, college graduates have numerous choices when it comes to obtaining jobs, especially if they are willing to think outside the box a little.

If you consider the option of teaching English abroad in China, you’ll find the benefits far outweigh your concerns:

Benefit 1: Opportunity to Travel

benefits of teaching in China for graduates - travelling

The years after college are the best time for travel, because graduates are not being held back by anything. They can feel free to go wherever they wish or wherever their current job takes them.

When they teach over in China, they can explore a new area of the world, as well as new cultures and traditions, while getting paid at the same time.

Benefit 2: Less Stress

Finding a job after graduation can be very stressful but landing a job over in China is much easier than landing a dream job.

This is especially true for those who have no idea what their dream job is!

Those who choose to teach over in China will have an income, and a place to live, as they are trying to decide what they want their dream job to be.

Benefit 3: Decide on a Dream Job Sooner

benefits of teaching in China for graduates - land your dream job

Graduates that take the time to teach over in China normally find that they can decide on what they want their dream job to be much sooner than other people.

This could be because they are not working at a local fast food place while living at home and feeling stuck in a rut, or it could be because they are out in the world experiencing it firsthand!

Benefit 4: Gain Valuable Skills

College can only teach graduates the things that can be found in books but teaching over in China will allow them to learn about life and the workplace.

Working with people of other cultures will allow graduates to see how they need to adjust their attitudes and work ethic to match those of the people that they work with.

Conflict can be anywhere in the workplace, but once a person knows how to adjust and work out solutions, they will find success.

Benefit 5: Learn a Second or Third Language

benefits of teaching in China for graduates - learn a new useful language

Most people speak one language, but those who take the time to teach overseas in China will return home with the ability to speak a second language.

Future employers love the idea that potential employees can speak two or three languages, as it makes them more valuable.

Benefit 6: Get a Head Start Saving Money

Graduates who teach over in China will find that they can save a good portion of their salary.

The reason for this is that their rent is normally paid for as part of their package, and the rest of their expenses are much lower than what they are paid each month.

That means that most graduates can return home with a good savings account, or they could have gotten a good head start on paying off their student loans.

Benefit 7: International Experience

benefits of teaching in China for graduates - gaining international experience

Just as employers are looking for people who speak more than one language, they are also looking for people who have real international experience.

Employers like seeing this on a resume because it shows that the person is going to be willing to step out of their comfort zone, and take challenges as they are presented.

Benefit 8: Acquire New Routines

College routines can get boring and mundane after a while, so many graduates might be willing to shake things up a little bit.

Well, teaching in China can do that, because everything will be new and different.

Graduates will need to prepare lessons for students at all different levels, learn where everything is in the area they are living, meet new people, and figure out how to use the public transportation.

Benefit 9: Make New Friends

benefits of teaching in China for graduates - make new friends

Younger generations love making new friends and while they probably did plenty of that in college, there is always room for more.

Plus, making new friends can allow graduates to learn more about the place they are living. They will have someone to ask where the best restaurants are located and what they should do for their next day off when they want to travel.

These people can also be international connections that can prove helpful in the future.

Benefit 10: Become a Leader

Anyone that teaches overseas can honestly say that they needed to quickly learn how to be a leader.

No one can continue to be a follower when they move to a different country, because they will have no one to follow.

Instead, they will need to learn how to live on their own, do things for themselves, and take charge of classrooms full of students.

Benefit 11: Increased Independence

benefits of teaching in China for graduates - learn to be a leader

Some graduates have never been too far from home or really lived on their own before, so teaching in China can really help them increase their independence.

Once a person survives in another country, the difficulties or anxiety that they had back home will seem like nothing.

Benefit 12: Become a Student Again

Even though a person graduated, it doesn’t mean that they know everything about anything.

Instead, they need to be put into a position where they will understand that life is a continuous learning adventure and teaching over in China will do just that.

Benefit 13: The choice as to Where to Live  

Teaching opportunities are available everywhere in China, so graduates can choose to live in a larger city or they can live in one of the smaller villages away from it all.

These choices give people a way to experience life differently than how they grew up. Most people who grew up in smaller areas will often choose to teach in a larger city, while those who grew up in bigger cities will choose to teach in a smaller town.

Benefit 14: Enjoy Volunteering

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer when people are teaching in China, their schedule will allow them to do as much as they want.

Of course, all that volunteering will also look amazing on their resume in the future.

Benefit 15: Experience New Flavors  

Most graduates are tired of the food that they had to endure during their college years. Those who want to expand their palate a little bit will find exactly what they are looking for over in China.

Everyone will love wandering up and down the aisles of a market or store as they look at the unique ingredients, while others will love strolling into a local restaurant and trying each traditional dish on the menu.

China is waiting for you

These are only 15 of the benefits that college graduates will see when they choose to teach over in China.

However, they will probably find even more once they have been there for a few months!

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