How it Works

Simple, Responsive, Efficient. We help you get started with your teaching in China journey. 

The Easy Process

Teaching English in China with us is simple & straight to the point!

Online Application
Get started by submitting your online application (takes about 5 minutes).
Position Match
A dedicated Placement Success Manager will be in touch and match you with the best suited position based on your qualification and preferences. You can ask as many questions as you want about the positions and teaching in China in general.
Once confirmed the positions, the interviews will be arranged as soon as possible. It’s time to let your best self shine! Your Placement Success Manager will help you prepare the interviews as well.
Contract Review
Take your time to review the contract to understand the full terms such as salary package, working hours, student age, as well as other benefits.
Pre-depature Support
Both the school and your Placement Success Manager will support you in the process of work visa application, preparation for China trip etc. Get excited!

Why start your teaching in China journey with Panda Buddy? Reasons to choose us:

During your application:

  • 👉 Dedicated Placement Success Manager to help assist your application
  • 👉 We advise you and accompany you throughout the process of your application.
  • 👉 We are very responsive to your questions and doubts.

Before your trip to China:

  • 👉 We help guide you with your visa process, from documents, procedures to time frame.

  • 👉 We will gladly help you with any pre-departure questions you have.

What’s included in the experience?

  • Teaching Job: a fulfilling job that help students learn and grow
  • Salary: a locally competitive salary to allow you to have a comfortable lifestyle
  • Accommodation: either free accommodation or allowance is provided 
  • Local experiences: cultural and social activities organised by placement providers
  • Chinese language: free lessons organised by placement providers
  • Travelling: travel and experience China is a local way during weekends and holidays

When do programs start?

  • September, 2019 (Can apply in Feb – July 2019: deadline: 31st July, 2019)
  • February, 2020 (Can apply in Sep – Dec 2019: deadline: 15th Jan, 2020)
  • September, 2020 (Can apply in Feb – July 2020: deadline: 31st July, 2020)
  • Flexible (*For some language institution positions)  

Apply today to get your journey started!