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Kunming Overview

The city of Kunming happens to be the largest city and the capital of Yunnan province, which can be found in the southwestern section of China.

The city used to be known by another name, Yunnan-Fu, until the 1920s, and the locals also call it the Spring City, due to the beautiful weather. 

After all, the summers are warm and long and the short winters get slightly cool but stay dry. Kunming is such a fascinating city to visit and live and most people will find that they fit right in with the locals as soon as they arrive!


This city has quite the large population and approximately six percent of them are minorities.  Most of them live within their own communities and people are welcome to visit them to see how they live and follow their own traditions. 

Culture and Language


Kunming used to be a city surrounded by a wall, but in 1952, the government ordered that the wall be taken down so that they could create a road that would lead from the north to the south. 

Of course, without the walls being in place, people are missing out on a significant piece of history within this city, but there are plenty of other ways to experience it firsthand. 


The language within Kunming is also slightly different than it used to be, as the dialect changed at some point during the 1940s.

The current Southwestern Mandarin Chinese language has a distinct tone that sets it apart from the Northern Mandarin dialect. 

Living in Kunming

Cost of Living in Kunming

Anyone that moves to Kunming will find that they can easily live there for less than $1,000 per month. 


The cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment near the center of the city is a little less than $300 per month and those who live outside the city center will find places to rent for approximately $180 per month. 


Utilities that include electric, heat, water, garbage, television, and internet is less than $75 per month and a monthly pass for the bus costs just under $40.  Food at the markets are reasonably priced and it is possible to go out to eat at inexpensive restaurants for less than $5 per meal.


Food is generally reasonably priced while some good restaurants can get a bit pricey. You can get a decent meal for two at about $20. But if you want to grab some quick food, it can be as cheap as $3!

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The city of flowers

Since this city offers spectacular weather so many months out of the year, it is not uncommon to see flowers blooming practically year-round.  All those flowers make the city look wonderful, but they also helped create one of the largest flower markets in the entire country. 

The flower market can be found on Shangyi Street and most people will stop there on their way home from work, so that they can pick up multiple varieties of flowers to take home and arrange before their evening meal. 

Close to Tibet

Many people choose to visit Kunming, because it is as close to Tibet as they can possibly get.

The Tibetan culture can be experienced in Shangri-La, which is near Kunming in Yunnan province. Quite a few people with Tibetan ethnicity live in Shangri-La, so it is the perfect place for everyone to see the locals dressed in traditional Tibetan clothes. 

The Tibetan Buddhist temple of Songzanlin Lamasery can be found there and that is one of the multiple ways for everyone to experience the fabulous Tibetan lifestyle and culture. Since it can be difficult to obtain a travel permit to go out to Tibet, many people choose to skip all that work and simply visit here instead. 

Park & Temple

There are two other outdoor areas that are usually on everyone’s must-see itinerary and they are the Western Hills Forest Park and Green Lake Park.  The Yuantong Temple may not be part of the outdoor adventures, but it happens to be the oldest Buddhist temple in Kunming and most people visit to see the statue of Sakyamuni. 

The nature is great

While in Kunming, people will want to take the time to visit the Stone Forest World Geopark, which offers the spikiest karst landscaping in the entire world.  Those who love taking pictures will want to venture over to the Dongchuan Red Land afterwards, as it is the more picturesque area in the city. 


People spending time in Kunming may also want to wander through at least one of the museums that can be found there.  The two favorites include the Yunnan Museum and the Kunming Natural History Museum of Zoology

Kunming natural museum of zoology

Festivals in Kunming

There are two festivals held in Kunming every year and those who are living there must attend them, as they are a lot of fun!

Golden Hall Temple Fair

The Golden Hall Temple Fair is held on the ninth day of the first month in the Chinese lunar calendar at the Golden Temple Park.

Everyone will have fun as they participate in the activities and watch the performances, as they eat and visit with family and friends. 

Yi Torch Festival

The Yi Torch Festival is the second festival within Kunming and it is held during the sixth month of the Chinese lunar calendar.

During the day, people can watch wresting and bullfighting, while the evening brings lit torches that everyone sings and dances around. 

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City of Flowers

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