City Guides

Panda Buddy is currently hiring for over 300 positions across multiple cities in China.

North East

Beijing, teach in Beijing

The Capital City of China

Teach in Qingdao

Beautiful And Clean

Teach in Hefei

The Hidden Gem In Central China

teach English in Changchun, China

The City Of 'Eternal Spring'

teach English in Jinan China

The City Of Springs

East Coast

Hangzhou, teach in Hangzhou

A Beautiful Soul

teach english in shanghai

A Unique Charm

Teach in Suzhou, teach english in Suzhou

The Melody On The Yangtze River

Teach in Yangzhou China

A Dynamic Port City

Teach in Nanjing, teach english in nanjing

Attraction on The Yangtze River

South Coast

Teach in Foshan, teach English in Foshan

Not Just Kung Fu

Teach in Xiamen, Teach English in Xiamen

Beautiful Island City

Teach in Dongguan, teach english in dongguan

A Vibrant Modern City

Teach in Guangzhou

A Splendid City In The South

Shenzhen, teach in Shenzhen

Developed City Neat HK

teach in Haikou China

A Tropical Paradise In China

Inner West

Chengdu, teach in Chengdu

Absolutely Worth Exploring

Chongqing, teach in Chongqing

Big Personality

Kunming, teach in Kunming

The Spring City


Xi'an, teach in xi'an

Modern Yet Traditional

Teach in Wuhan

The Inland Pearl

teach English in Changsha, China

China’s Best-Kept Secret

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