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Foshan Overview Why Teach in Foshan?

Foshan Overview

Foshan is an extraordinary city that is only a half hour ride from Guangzhou, which means that many people can reach this area of the country in no time at all.

While it was only known for the ceramics that were made there in the past, nowadays, many people are aware of Foshan due to kung fu and martial arts being developed there.  

Kung fu has been popular for many years now, which is why the Bruce Lee Ancestral House is always at the top of people’s itinerary when they arrive in Foshan. Bruce Lee did not spend much time in this house, but visitors can still feel his presence as they wander throughout the rooms. This house is small and only has a bedroom, kitchen, and hallway.  However, it is filled with kung fu history, simple furniture, a wooden stake for practicing kung fu, and an incense burner table for making sacrifices to Lee’s ancestors.

Facts about Foshan

  • Population: 7.2 million
  • Public Transportation: cheap city bus, 4 major tax companies, and popular bicycle renting services in urban areas  
  • Language: Mandarin, Cantonese
  • Climate: Subtropical  
  • Expats: fast growing community
  • Nightlife: quite active, a wide range of bars and clubs to choose from
  • Food: Cantonese style, food features a wide range of ingredients and is crisp, light, refreshing and tasty

Living in Foshan


  • A regular meal in a restaurant: 8 RMB – 15 RMB
  • Fruits for a week: 50 RMB
  • Dine out with friends: 50 RMB
  • Public transport (bus): 2 RMB for a one-way ticket  
  • Taxi: Start (normal tariff) 10 RMB, 1km (normal tariff) 2.5 RMB 10 RMB  
  • Movie ticket: 50 RMB
  • Drinking outside: 6 RMB for domestic beer, 15 RMB for imported beer  

Teaching in Foshan Experience


  • Have Obtained Bachelor Degree
  • English Level: Native Proficiency
  • Passport Holders Of United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand Or South Africa
  • The Ability To Obtain A Clear Background Check
  • Ability To Live Abroad For At Least One Year
  • Teaching Experience Is Preferred But Not Required 

The experience

  •  Local experiences: cultural and social activities organised by placement providers
  •  Chinese language: free lessons organised by placement providers
  •  Travelling: travel and experience China in a local way during weekends and holidays

Helping others grow.

Education Can Change The World

learning more about life in Foshan

Foshan city guide

Things to do when you are in Foshan:

Visit the Foshan Hongsheng Martial Arts Center

Those who have no idea what martial arts is or how it all began will want to spend a little time at the Foshan Hongsheng Martial Arts Center.  This center was founded back in 1851, by Zhangyan, who was a member of the Qing Dynasty. This center now has branches all over the world and they still spend their time recruiting students to carry on with martial arts disciplines.

Xiqiao Mountain National Forest Park

On top of this massive mountain, which coincidentally used to be an active volcano, there is a huge Guanyin goddess statue.  Visitors can see it from afar, but there is nothing better than being up close to this majestic piece. After seeing the statue, everyone should stop into the four-story museum before heading down to see the other temples, the Peach Garden, and the Bamboo Forest.  

Visit Nanfeng Kiln

This kiln business is famous for making Shiwan Ware, which happens to be a type of Chinese pottery that is made using kilns.  Visitors will learn quite a bit about the culture and traditions during a trip to Nanfeng Kiln, as they watch different pottery pieces being created.  

Stroll Along Zumiao Streets

Everyone who visits Foshan will want to take the time to stroll along Zumiao Streets, because they are filled with authentic stores.  As people are doing a little browsing and shopping, they can stop at the multiple food stalls to grab traditional cuisine. This is an excellent way to try some tasty dishes without venturing into too many restaurants.  

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