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A tropical paradise in China

Haikou Overview Why Teach in Haikou?

Your City Guide to Haikou

On China’s second largest island, Hainan, you’ll find Haikou, the ‘Coconut City.’ As you may have guessed, it’s the island lifestyle of your dreams. This exotic location is where many locals and foreigners alike seek out the  sun, sparkling water, and soft sands. You’ll find Haikou on the north portion of the island on Nandu River’s west bank. Directly translated, the city means ‘Mouth of the Sea,’ and can be the perfect place to come teach English!

What Makes Haikou Unique

Dreaming of living and working in a tropical paradise? Then you’ll love Haikou! The beautiful scenery, modern hotels, resorts, spas, sailing clubs, and golf courses put you right in the lap of luxury. If you don’t like to rough it, this is where you need to be!

Haikou Culture

Haikou isn’t just a splendid retreat that you can live in and feel like you’re on vacation every day. One of the most fascinating things in Hainan is the Qiong opera which is based in Haikou. It’s different than other forms of Chinese opera as it uses the local dialect and infuses its own uniqueness to this art form. 

Additionally, Li embroidery and knitting here is so important that UNESCO recognized it as a cultural heritage for protection, plus the eight basic instruments of Hainanese Han musical traditions. From the operas to the embroideries to the music, you will adore the culture in Haikou. 

What to Eat in Haikou

Feasting on the local cuisine is a must. Seafood is one of the specialties of this island locale where you really can’t go wrong. Of the famed dishes, Wenchang chicken, Jiaji duck, Hele crab, and Dongshan mutton shouldn’t be missed. And thanks to the tropical climate, you’ll have plenty of fresh fruits of paradise to stock up on like jackfruit, pineapple, coconut, and mango, to name a few. 

Things to Do in Haikou

If you love the beach life, you’ll love living in Haikou. You’ll have miles and miles of coastline to relax on and seaside resorts you can luxuriate in during your days off. Holiday Beach by far reigns supreme though Xixiu Beach has all the action with competitions for sailing and windsurfing. 

If you enjoy nature, visit Dongzhau Port Nature Reserve, a tropical jungle scene where any bird lover will be dazzled. And if you’d prefer to take in some history, don’t miss the Temple of Five Lords, the Tomb of Hai Rui, or the Xiuying Emplacement. To get a feel for the local life, head to Qilou Old Street where European and Asian architecture combine in a most harmonious way with hints of Arabic and Indian influence throughout. 

To live and work in a place that’s more like paradise, make plans to teach in Haikou! (Photo credit: ehainan

Haikou Life What's the cost of living in Haikou?

Though being a major city, cost of living in Haikou is fairly low if you don’t choose a luxury lifestyle. Therefore, most people will find that they can do extremely well when they choose to move to this area of the country. (Below is the cost of living data in Haikou in 2019 from Numbeo, $ in USD)



The rent for a single apartment in the city center is approximately $350 per month, and that could go down further to $220 if you choose to live outside of the center.



The utilities, including water, heat, electricity, internet, and television can cost upwards of $80 per month, while taking the bus is fairly cheap at $20 for a monthly pass. 



Haikou food is unique in its own way and is also very popular among South East Asian countries. A normal meal is about $4 ~ $5, and local beer costs about $2.7 per liter.

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Fresh Seafood

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Qilou Old Street

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Beach Life

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