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Qingdao Overview Why Teach in Qingdao?

Qingdao Overview

You’ve likely heard of the Chinese city of Qingdao before. That’s where the famed Tsingtao Beer is brewed. Every August, Qingdao hosts its annual beer festival which is an epic beer-drinking event that no beer drinker should pass up. But visiting Qingdao at other times of the year is surely recommended. Here’s a quick overview of Qingdao.

Tell a Chinese person you’re going to visit Qingdao and you’ll get the same gushing response every single time. “Oh it’s beautiful there!” Indeed, Qingdao is a very beautiful city by the sea. There are miles and miles of coastline to stroll upon, with mountains dipping off into the sea.

For a big city, it’s remarkably safe to be in Qingdao. Walking around alone isn’t a big deal, though if you’re looking for a fun night out, make sure you live in the downtown area. Everything else tends to close early, but downtown offers bars, restaurants and clubs that will give you cause to celebrate.

Facts About Qingdao

  • Population: 9 million
  • Public Transportation: 1 international airport, high-speed trains to major cities, ferries to Shanghai, Japan and South Korea; frequent buses, more than 10,000 taxies, ferryboats to islands nearby
  • Language: Mandarin, Local Dialects
  • Climate: 4 distinct seasons
  • Expats: growing community
  • Nightlife: vibrant nightlife scene with a wide range of bars and pubs  
  • Food: Shandon cuisine is one of the Four Great Traditions in China, featuring in fresh ingredients and varied cooking methods, usually have a light delicious taste

Living in Qingdao


  • A regular meal in a restaurant: 20 RMB – 30 RMB
  • Fruits for a week: 50 RMB
  • Dine out with friends: 50 – 150 RMB
  • Public transport (bus or train): 1 RMB (one -way); monthly pass (75 RMB)
  • Taxi: Start (normal tariff) 8 RMB, 1km (normal tariff) 2 RMB
  • Movie ticket: 35 RMB
  • Drinking outside: 7.25 RMB for local beer; 23.5 RMB for imported beer
  • Average monthly salary: RMB 3,000 – RMB5,000

Teaching in Qingdao Experience


  • Have Obtained Bachelor Degree
  • English Level: Native Proficiency
  • Passport Holders Of United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand Or South Africa
  • The Ability To Obtain A Clear Background Check
  • Ability To Live Abroad For At Least One Year
  • Teaching Experience Is Preferred But Not Required 

The experience

  •  Local experiences: cultural and social activities organised by placement providers
  •  Chinese language: free lessons organised by placement providers
  •  Travelling: travel and experience China in a local way during weekends and holidays

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Qingdao city guide

Things to do when you are in Qingdao:

Fresh seafood is a must

If you like seafood, Qingdao is a great place to sample things like clams and crab. It’s fresh and fantastic.

It just got a subway

For years, the only subway Qingdao had was the restaurant chain that makes so-so sandwiches. 

But now, Qingdao has an open subway system. Parts of it are still under construction, however the opening of the subway has been a very welcome asset to the city.

There are lots of parks

Qingdao is filled with parks, from Zhongshan Park with amusement rides, cotton candy vendors, and a half-baked zoo, to botanical gardens and the famed Sculpture Park by the seaside. 

The air quality in Qingdao is much better than other Chinese cities too so getting outdoors in the warmer months is something you see the locals doing a lot of.

The beer

Tsingtao Beer needs its own section. It’s brewed here, and even if you don’t visit during the beer festival, come in the warmer months and enjoy the Beer Street area, filled with outdoor dining and plenty of beer. 

The Qingdao Beer Museum is something you must visit when you’re in town, whether you’re staying on as an expat or merely passing through. Plus, you get a free sample of fresh-brewed beer. Who could say no to that?

It’s kid-friendly

More and more families are choosing Qingdao because it is a remarkably kid-friendly place with plenty of activities to amuse. 

There are aquariums, museums, parks, beaches, and play places making it a good place to raise a family.

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