A Simple Guide to Start Teaching English Abroad

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How to Get Started with Teaching English Abroad?

Teaching English abroad has always been popular for people who are seeking new exciting while meaningful experiences.

You might have heard from a friend who just came back from overseas how amazing the experience was, and wondering if you could do the same.  

Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to learn in this guide.


A Step-By-Step Guide To Teaching Abroad

how to teach english abroad

The art of teaching English in a foreign country can be quite a hard thing to grasp at first.

Some research and preparations need to be done, such as requirements (degrees, experiences, qualifications etc), which can be different for different countries; and you also want to have a clear and actionable agenda planning, so that you are not feeling too rushed, or less prepared.

Check if you are qualified to teach English abroad here.

And then move on to this guide:  

Step 1: Deciding on countries

deciding on where to teach

Make ensure that you carry out all your checks before making the big decision of moving.

The place will be your home for at least one year, and for some people, many years! So it’s extremely important that you’ve done your research in this part.

This includes the lifestyle of the country,  their culture, languages, range of salaries they offer, the average cost of living, whether you are qualified for a legal visa, etc.

Of course, it’s not easy to get everything you want in just one country, but at least you can choose the one that’s the closest to your ideal.  

The best countries for ESL starters? I’d recommend China and South Korea, where the demand is huge, and the overall environment is friendly and comfortable.

Panda Buddy is currently hiring for more than 300 positions in China. We carefully select our education partners to make sure they are well recognised in the industry, provide great local support (airport pickup, visa, and accommodation support) so that you can have a smooth transition to your new life in China. Apply today with Panda Buddy to get your journey started.

Step 2: Get certified for teaching English abroad

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is probably the most popular English teaching certificate for those who want to teach abroad.

Most of the time, TEFL certification will take you around 100-hours of coursework and around 20-hours of live teaching practice. It’s going to take some time to build up that body of work. However, if done with a close-to-full-time approach, it’s much faster than you think!

The TEFL certification will make you a better tutor, too. You will learn essential skills for teaching, for lesson planning and for engaging with students. They can often be completed in a matter of weeks, too, which makes them incredibly popular for those in a rush.

We’ve prepared a very detailed guide here for those of you looking to obtain a TEFL certificate.

Step 3: Find a teaching job in your desired country

find a ESL job in the country

You might find that there are so many options out there, but you need to understand your needs further in order to move forward.

Which city do I want to be teaching and living in? What age group that suits my personality the most and I can also give the best of myself in educating them? Is traveling in my spare time feasible, if so, where around I’m able to travel to?

Having those answers in your head will drastically increase your efficiency in finding a suitable position, and avoid unnecessary search and wasted communications.

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Teaching jobs in China

Step 4: Obtain the required visa

Remember that satisfying your chosen nation’s visa law is essential.

Once securing a position, you need to get started with your visa application, which involves paperwork, getting authenticated from authority entities, and some back and forth communications with your employers.

It’ll be a bit of a hassle but eventually, it’s all worth it looking back because of all the amazing experiences and people you’ve met overseas!

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Take The Plunge!

The world is far too beautiful not to explore it.

When wanderlust overcomes your senses, it might be the encouragement you need to leave the safety of home and explore the unknown.

Sometimes, it’s only a matter of taking the plunge and just do it!

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