Exploring Chongqing: 5 Interesting Things to Do

Exploring Chongqing 5 Interesting Things to Do

Chongqing: one of the fastest growing in China Chongqing happens to be one of the largest cities in China, it’s also cited as one of the fastest growing cities since 1997. So you know that it is going to be jam-packed with fun things to do!   However, for most westerners, unless you have thoroughly […]

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Fesco Beijing

FESCO Education

12 months FESCO Education Beijing Position: Adult, Teenage & Young Learner English Teacher Location: multiple cities in China Apply Now About FESCO As a wholly owned company of FESCO Group, Beijing FESCO International Educational Consulting Co., Ltd. (FESCO EDU) is a professional training institution focused on international education consultation authorized by the Ministry of Education […]

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7 Must-Know Online Chinese Translation Tools

7 Online Chinese to English Translating Tools

Looking for online Chinese translation tools while traveling or living in China? Thanks to technologies, we can travel and work in another country with more confidence. All you need to do is to download them to your phone!  Here are the 7 online English (or any other language) to Chinese translation tools you’ll find useful […]

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Choosing A City: Beijing vs Shanghai vs Shenzhen

beijing vs shanghai vs shenzhen

Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are the top 3 cities in China, they are often picked out by expats for comparison in terms of the environment, cost of living, nightlife etc.. Depending on your career goals and lifestyle though, you may find you favor one of these more than another. They all have their good points, […]

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7 Unusual Things to Do in China [Advanced Travel Guide]

Unusual Things to Do in China (For Nature and Culture Lovers!)

Everywhere you look on travel in China, you’re bound to find guides that tell you to visit the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and other iconic landmarks. They’re not wrong of course, but after you see those bucket list items, it’s time to see China’s more unusual side. To miss it would be to miss […]

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Yingge International, Xi’an

Welcome to Xi'an!

12 months Yingge International, Xi’an Position: Teenage & Young Learner English Teacher Location: Xi’an and Shanxi Province Apply Now About the employer Xi’an Yinnge was established in 2013, we are fully committed to culture exchange between Chinese and foreign businesses to improve cooperation in Economic and cultural projects. We have been contracted to hire teachers […]

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Easy Peasy English, Chengdu

12 months Easy Peasy English Position: Adult, Teenage & Young Learner English Teacher Location: Chengdu and Sichuan Province Apply Now About the employer Easy Peasy English is the leading language school in Southwest China. Each campus is based in a major metropolitan area such as Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. Thousands of students have […]

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Cathy Subject

Cathy Subject teaching English in Beijing

12 months Cathy Subject Specialising in English education for 3 – 15 years old. Apply Now About the employer Cathy Subject is aiming to provide professional English training for young children aged 3-15. As a pioneer in early childhood English education, Cathy Subject introduced advanced teaching methods from McGhee Education’s latest research in children’s English […]

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Seahouse Shenzhen

Seahouse English Training Centre in Shenzhen

12 months Seahouse Shenzhen English reading connects the world to kids and make their life colourful.  Established in 2012 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Seahouse has developed a unique English education system that helps kids at 3~12 to learn English via reading. Apply Now About the employer SEAHOUSE is a high-end education brand aiming to provide […]

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Owen Education

Owen Education Teacher

12 months Owen Education To be the best at what we do. Owen foreign language school is located in Chongqing, Chengdu and Kunming cities, China and has over 5000 students and a renowned foreign staff of over 100 foreign teachers. We encourage both staff and students alike to grow, learn and create each passing day. […]

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