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Facts About Chongqing

Chongqing is a major city that can be found in southwestern China and it is considered one of the four municipalities that fall under the central government.

A city built on mountains

Everyone will find this city not too far from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Yangtze River. There are mountains in every direction, providing extraordinary views, and they include the Daba Mountains, the Wu Mountains, the Wuling Mountains, and the Dalou Mountains. 


The winters are short and mild in this city and the summers can get extremely hot and humid. 

That humidity brings rain late at night during the late spring and the summer months, and it is perfect to listen to as a person is trying to fall asleep. 

Culture and Language

History and culture

The city is also full of multiple ancient ruins, tombs, buildings, grottoes, and temples, plus everyone can see thousands of cultural relics.

The Bayu culture is strong in this area and it started from the original Ba culture. The Ba people were tenacious, as they fought numerous battles. However, they also loved to sing and dance in between all the fighting that they did. 


The language spoken in Chongqing is the Southern Mandarin dialect, which is practically incomprehensible by those who speak standard Mandarin. 

Living in Chongqing

Cost of Living in Chongqing

A person can live in Chongqing for way less than $1,000 per month. Some people may spend more on than others, depending on what lifestyle they decide to live.


The cost to rent a single apartment is around $300, the price goes down to $150 if you outside to the center. 


Utilities that include heat, water, electric, television, and internet is approximately $100 per month and bus passes are available for about $30 per month. 


Food is generally reasonably priced while some good restaurants can get a bit pricey. You can get a decent meal for two at about $20. But if you want to grab some quick food, it can be as cheap as $3!

Helping others grow.

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Chongqing city guide

Chongqing is a big city, so take your time to explore the surroundings when you first arrive! 


The JieFangBei CBD Pedestrian Mall is the perfect place to do a little shopping whenever someone needs new clothes, new electronics, or even a few household items.

Jialing River Cable Car

Near the shopping center is the Jialing River Cable Car, and while it takes many people to their destination across the river, it is also a major tourist attraction due to its phenomenal views. Everyone will want to do this ride at least once, but it is recommended that people arrive early, as the lines get long really fast. 

Ciqikou Ancient Town

Learning about the local culture is easy in Ciqikou Ancient Town, although the focus is mainly on the traditional foods. There are food stalls everywhere and people can even buy their own hotpot base to make a meal with later on.

Chongqing Zoo

The Chongqing Zoo is an excellent place to see the pandas that are native to the area, although they have other animals there too. 

Dazu Rock Carvings

While there is plenty to do in this city, many people will want to venture a little further out to see the Dazu Rock Carvings.  These rock caves date all the way back to 650 A.D. and the carvings were influenced by the Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism religions. 

Fengdu ghost town

There is a ghost town that is located not too far from Chongqing.  Fengdu Ghost City is approximately one hundred and ten miles away and many people go there to see if they can have their very own ghost encounter. 

The buildings, dioramas, structures, and statues are quite interesting, as they are related to Diyu, which is basically a realm that combines both hell and purgatory. 

The method of karma is well-known to those who visit this ghost town and they all choose to believe that good is rewarded by more good, while bad is rewarded with more bad. 

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